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    I am extremely concerned for my husband. He is a supervisor in a center and I am really afraid for his safety and well being. Because of a Sup. from another center having relations with a subordinate, he has been moved to different position. His manager and the 'cheater' seem to think that my husband can go into work at 12am, and continue to run the center while the new supervisor(cheater) does pretty much nothing. (he's been in the center for all of a couple of months and has already checked himself into the hospital for stress) When my husband had the cheaters job, nobody helped him out. Now his Manager expects him to go behind the new guy and clean up his messes. And no, the new guy is not new to this particular job, just a different center. I am so worried about my husband. He looks terrible. He goes to work anywhere from 11pm to 1230 am and some days is not getting home until 4, 5, 6pm. I am afraid he will either drop dead from the stress, or fall asleep at the wheel and have an accident. I am just trying to be supportive. He is just a few years short of retirement age, but I don't know how much more he can take. He has given his life to UPS, missing out most of our children's games, plays etc. I guess I just need to vent. I am so worried.
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    Do the right thing, look at your total savings, and other possiblities to work elsewhere for "pocket change", and make him quit !

    I myself just quit a job yesterday, because of another co-worker that was falshley back-stabbing me.
    I don't need that crap, and I also worked my butt off, didn't get even a second to sit down, not 1 single break, worked long hrs, with no days off in the past 14 days, while back stabbing co-worker was just busy reading newspapers, texting or on her personal phone.

    I did everything.
    I improved everything .
    I made the boss earn twice the amount of money he made before I started.
    And with my technology knowledge, I even sped up his outdated debit machine speed (all it took was an ethernet cable) - but I did it !

    And much much more to improve everything else.
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    Better to quit than die.
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    In Klein's case we'll make an exception.
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    Typical Klein. One line of advice to the poster. And then 7 lines about himself and about his situation that doesn't even apply to the thread.

    Klein: the Tyra Banks of the Browncafe.
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    You have to live with the choices that you make! There is not one reason that would make feel sorry for any supervisor.
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    I think the best thing to do is make up a great solution and post it just like the made up problem. Have him find a gold bar outside the hospital after he checks himself in again and then go buy a Ferrari. Stop at the store and buy a lottery ticket first and then win millions. Then have your husband run for local office on a UPS reform and moral platform. Once he wins by a landslide, have him crush UPS and then the world......
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    There were a lot of management that said that about drivers after 1997.
    I thought their statements were more of statement about themselves than about the drivers. I considered them self-centered pieces of crap ... basically did not have any respect or use for them.
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    Think about the lifestyle and the savings(hopefully) that you have made over the course of his career. He's made it this far and with such a short time left, I'd hope he can deal with this problem until he's either moved again or ready to retire. Management in our hub all look stressed out by all of the impossible fires that they continuesly try put out. They are used and abused because upper management forces these elements on them. Everyone is out for themselves when it comes to on road sups. Judging by your statement, your husband has been here long enough to see these changes and should be capable of adapting. The physical age isn't there to handle the extra piles of stress and I'm guessing yor seeing it.

    Have him come to brown cafe and see that he's not alone. Venting and sharing his daily strifes with others is a good way to release some of that stress.
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    I heard there is a corporate mgt hotline that you can complain to if you feel like you are mistreated. He needs to get treated better and make it to retirement with full benefits..Old drivers and old Sups have to watch out for the chopping block.It happens in alot of companys..
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    Thanks for the positive feedback. UPSman2940, what exactly is your basis for not feeling sorry for a supervisor? My husband started out as a clerk 25 years ago and worked darn hard for every step he's made. He works his ass off daily, running from place to place. Perhaps you think we are getting rich off UPS, NOT the case. He makes less money than a.driver when you break his time worked and pay down compared to his drivers. He gets no overtime. He has been continuously skipped over because of his gender and race, mostly gender. He has people over him who don't have a quarter the experience that he has and consequently have no idea what they are doing! A manager with no HUB experience?? Managers who are promoted and moved because they are incapable of doing there own job? I remember a time when one would have been fired for an inappropriate relationship with an employee, not anymore! Now they are transferred with the impression that "when this all blows over" they can go back to their center. I call the bullmalarky card. We are working on some leads right now and I have no doubt we can find something better where he is appreciated and not used. I will update and let you know.
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    Don't give up 25 years of work. Tell him to stand up for himself. There is no reason anyone needs to work that many hours. Is it a problem with him being organized or because he can not say no? It sounds like working that many hours is his choice. He needs to work a normal day and go home. When his manager asks why things are not done his response should be that he can not get it all done in a reasonable timeframe. Leave your thoughts and feelings about the "cheater" out of it. It really is only about your husband and his performance.
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    Working that many hours is not his choice. He is doing the job of two sups, also not his choice. I have told begged him to just do his time and leave, but he does not feel like he has a choice. How can it be only about his job and his performance when he is told to pick up the slack from the other supervisor who refuses to learn his job because he believes he will be returning to his old center soon enough. His Manager is no help. She rarely even shows up in the center. I don't want him to give up 25 years, nor does he, but this is going from bad to worse.
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    It's real nice when posts are deleted!
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    Apparently someone doesn't want me to respond to brown widow !
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    A lot of older time mgmt people bleed brown and feel they have to work whatever hours are asked of him. UPS changed the rules when they changed the pay structure and took out the partnership. Many older time managers think they can bully their supervisors (and it works most of the time). Each supervisor has a QPR (his goals and numbers he\she is responsible for). It sounds like from the hours you are describing, he is now assigned to the Preload of the building, and the "cheater" is an on road supv. Your husband should do his job to the best of his ability. He should let his manager know he can't do 16 hour days due to the stress and he will do a good job doing his job. He should then leave at what he used to work before. (10 hours give or take). If the manager says he has to stay, tell him, it's been a long day, and he can't. If he pushes it, tell him to put it in writing. Have him be nice.. be pleasant etc. If he puts it in writing that he needs to work 16 hours or whatever (esp when it's not peak).. Then your husband has his golden ticket. He can go to HR with that or better yet call the hotline etc. It's a different company now. An even better idea is to hire a lawyer, give him the facts.. Ask him how legally he can protect his job. (ie so that if UPS pushes it and tries to fire him, how he can be safe)..
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    beentheredonethat, thank you so much. I will pass it along to my husband. UPSMAN2940, sorry. But I have a feeling, I should be thankful to the moderator.
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    At this point in his career, you are noticing he has been overworked. he probably always has. My opinion, is help him get out. Cut the budget with a machette, help find openings you know he would be qualified for, and make a resume for him. Get him to go to interviews. make him call in sick once in a while, find a way to help him get out. Thats what my husband does for me. its not the same company, its not the same place, you never know whats coming next. Love him, comfort him, support him, and help him get OUT. It cant be fixed. Common sense and courtesy, are not in the plan. Good Luck
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    Toonertoo, You are right. This is not new. The best times were when he was not in the center, and it has been awful for him for a good 10plus years. I am doing my best to make things as easy for him as possible. We have a really good lead, fingers crossed. It makes me sick to see what has happened to what used to be an awesome place to work and retire. They continue to make more money, and we continue to suffer. Don't get me started on the insurance changes over the last 20 years!