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    I searched and couldn't find anything to help me so I'll just ask here. I am p/t in southern region, I get my 1 year next week (first week of March). I noticed on today's check it says at the bottom VAC 12.00
    Why it showing vacation hours before I get my year of seniority and why is it only 12 hours? I know the contract states we get a week and honestly I really need that full week because I'm about to become a p/t feeder cover driver and will need a full week for when I get married this year. If I wasn't going to drive I know my boss would just let me off but I doubt it works like that when you are driving some. Thanks in advance!
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    Since you started in March, you may not have had enough reports to get all 5 days (20 hours).

    Southern Supplement Article 61
    (A) To be eligible for employees' full vacation during the first (1st) calendar year in which the employee was employed, an employee must have worked one hundred and fifty-six (156) reports, but need not to have been employed for the full calendar year. If the employee worked less than one hundred and fifty-six (156) reports during this calendar year, but did attain seniority, the employee's vacation shall be pro rated by earning one (1) day of vacation for each forty (40) reports, and taken after the employee has been employed one (1) full year.
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    Do you have any idea how to find out how many reports I have? Also if you do not get the full week upon the 1 year mark can you still gain it afterwards?
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    You earn vacation this year and take it next year. Then you start over, earning vacation for next year and so on and so forth. You take all the vacation you've earned. You could ask your immediate supervisor to print you out an entitlement report.
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    Part time feeder cover driver? Never heard of that and I'm under the southern region
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    It does exist, just ask about it at the next meeting.
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    Southern has the most bizarre supplement
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    There's one in a small center in our Local.
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    I guess they don't do that at the bigger hubs. We have pt TCD but all our feeders are ft even covers
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    I work at a really big hub

    Peak 2014 they even trained a few people with only a couple months seniority from what I was told
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    The Independance bldg in FT Worth Texas has 6 month part timers going to full time package and full time feeder driver positions as well as hiring full time feeder drivers off the street. The bldg opened in October 2014. Crazy times.