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    I am a 22 year ups package car driver , i am relief. And cover all the routes in my center. I delivered a box to a house in a neighborhood where a p/t ups supervisor from my ups center lives. The box was not for the supervisor.

    In This area i delivered it had # Sequences out of order, High to Low was not consistent, The street uses 3 different names. Not to mention no st. sign. The supervisor saw my ups truck and me roaming through the area trying to find my address. She calls ups and asks if I had a delivery on her st. Ups tells her I did not and I have no reason to be on her st. The supervisor calls the police on me and gets a restraining order on charges of stalking/harassment. I never saw her or talked to her on this day and prior to this event i never even knew she lived in this area and never delivered a package to her house before. On the restraining order the supervisor listed 2 (two) places for protection the ups center where I and her work and her house address. The next day I get called in the office and am fired, Despite showing my mng. I did in fact have a delivery and I had the evidence from my delivery records to show, I was still fired.

    Flash forward 3 months and I have a center level review (NOT A PANEL) with my union steward, president of my local union, 3 ups managers. After i got to explain again, ups admitted they made mistakes and reinstated my employment with a big CATCH, I have to work at another ups center 65 miles from the ups I originally worked at. I have worked their now about 5 months I have to wake up 2 1/2 hours earlier commute 130 miles round trip spend $25 a day on gas all to a job where i lost 22 years of seniority!!!

    I was given a choice to fight at panel to be reinstated at the ups center where I had worked for 22 years but when your sitting at home not getting unemployment and maxing out credit cards and tapping into your portfolio. It would be difficult to turn that down.

    The district attorney is trying to prosecute me and i have hired a lawyer. My lawyer has told me their is not a shred of evidence i did anything wrong and ups and the supervisor are the ones who are negligent.

    Has any other drivers been harassed by mngr. or supes. when you have delivered in their neighborhoods or on your rte. and how did it impact you??

    Thanks Ray
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    What "stateline"?
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    It all doesn't add up, any back history, problems with coworkers?
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    I'm thinking we haven't heard all of the facts. I find it hard to believe she got a restraining order without more happening. Sounds like you are lucky to still have a job.
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    Yeah she called and got a restraining order the same day and u were fired the next for no reason and it took u 3 months to have a hearing and u got no back pay and u settled for a job 65 miles away. Either it didn't happen or there's much your leaving out.
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    I think someone needs to fill in the blanks.