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    We had our district security manager and his assistant in our center yesterday and they went on the road to observe some of the drivers, mostly those that deliver in the city or close by. Most of the drivers were doing everything right but they did catch one driver who was not wearing his seat belt, had the bulkhead door open and had not fastened the chain on the rear door. He was in a plaza delivering stops that were close together and didn't think it necessary to follow the methods. The manager went in to the pkg car, removed a NDA pkg, and left, only to come back in a few minutes to T/W the driver. Well, the driver had a chat with the center manager this morning and earned a 3 day unpaid vacation for his inability to follow methods. We were also told that, had this been a TSA inspector, the center could have been fined $25,000 and the driver could have been fined $2,500. The center could have also been closed down until TSA decided to reopen it.
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    I've heard that 100 times. I wonder if it's true.
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    It is true, as I have seen the Security memo when before I retired. Ask your center manager to contact Security, as they have a binder full of memos since 9-11 for both domestic and air operations. All directives from Corporate Security on the advisement of the TSA. And if the TSA is making the recommendation, UPS Security will not only enforce the security measures, but add to them if possible.

    If I'm not mistaken, some Chicagoland areas received fines based on inspections by the TSA.

    For a driver to be so blatant to disregard security and saftey methods, well, there is no excuse for his/her behavior, other then taking shortcuts during the day.

    First and foremost, his/her safety is at risk, allowing a person to enter their vehicle without their knowledge, while making deliveries or pick ups. We have all heard the stories of drivers getting robbed, locked in their cars, assaulted, whereas, if they kept their vehicle secured, access could not have been attainted to commit such acts.

    Forgive me for my rant, but the safety of a UPS employee, along with his/her safe return home at night, is the most important reason to follow UPS methods and Security measures provided to them as an employee.
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    The chain on the rear door only has to be on to and from area. I have signed ups documents saying this.
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    OK- Here I go!

    UPS drivers have to follow all of the TSA rules.

    Why only us??
    No drivers from Fed EX or DHL have even heard of this rule in my area. The all drive with the door open all day around here.

    I also asked a Fed Ex sup- they had not heard about this either. Hmmmmm

    I would like to see this rule in writing. Does anyone know where it is in print? thanks!
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    Working in WASH DC we get stop by every inspector (TSA,DCMPD, etc.) all the time DVIR must be signed and all doors locked when parked.
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    why is it that FedEx Ground and FedEx Residential...never shut there vehicles down when making a delivery??? Are they special, or do they not fall under the " TSA Guidelines".............they pull into every driveway..leave there vehicle running and unsecured and make the delivery and then sprint back to the vehicle

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    I can see where in D.C. this may be a sticky issue. I would think if terrorists struck wouldn't they try to create chaos in the nations capital?
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    Hell you ought to see them do that and then go up in to an office bldg .Ground had a one stolen from near here and a fatality from backing after nosing into a stop. Express seems to do a better job of securing.

    Does Ground/Home's packages ever go onto an airplane? Maybe they dont have to follow TSA rules then.
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    You would think that if these TSA rules were really true an offical copy would be posted for all to see. I got a feeling it is just more "believe everything I say" bull:peaceful:
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    Have driver file grievance for all time off to be paid because company didn't follow the rules. Driver must be given a warning letter first. Follow the rules and make sure company also follows the rules.
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    Its not "bull "
    We all fall under Homeland Security's rules.
    While driving your vehicle's bulkhead door must be secured at all times.
    Being caught will result in a fine........yours to pay.
    Seatbelt issues fall under local and UPS 's rules.

    Many times I do not follow all the rules that I should, but thats my judgment call.
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    My center manager and on-car sup played a mean joke on me when I was a new driver...I ran into a building to make a delivery and I left my keys in the ignition, not knowing that they were both parked in a car nearby watching me. While I was inside, my sup took the keys and drove the package car around the corner. They had a blast seeing the look of panic on my face when I came back out and the truck was missing. I thought it had ben stolen and that I was gonna get fired. They let me suffer for a couple of minutes while they laughed their sick asses off. I learned my lesson and never did that again.
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    I can't speak for Ground or Home, but at Express we are required to have them closed,
    FAA/TSA inspectors will and have caught driver/couriers. In fact we are required to lock
    the cab also when away from the vehicle(unless its a resi, and passenger side delivery
    within eyesight) Locking up the cab is a pain, unless of course you have one of the
    newer trucks with keyless/RFID entry/start.

    I believe Ground and Home are covered under the Railway act or something like that.
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

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    No, I don't agree and will not forward your suggestion. This is basic stuff and if he can't do the basics maybe he should be working somewhere else. It's that simple--close the door and wear your seat belt.

    As far as the chain, I also thought that it was just going from the center to the first stop but his O/H door lock was broken so in that instance he needs to use his chain.

    IMO, he should be thankful that it is only 3 days off--he very well could have been fired for this transgression.
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    Follow the rules, people.

    That brown truck might as well have a big dollar sign on the side. They find you out of compliance and that's money in the bank. They'd rather pick on you than sit at the border and catch illegals ( who all could be carrying a "dirty bomb" across) because there's no money in that.
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    I don't close the bulkhead door because it's the rules, or because there might be a fine involved, or because it's safer, I close the bulkhead door out of pure selfishness. In the summer, all the hot air in the back of the truck circulates out the bulkhead door. If I keep the door closed it will be 5 - 10 degrees less hotter in the cab.
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    I guess that rule dont apply to fed x in fl
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    The company is so concerned about package car security but is not concerned about building security. Our building is a smaller one and has no guards. Every day people walk in through the overhead door(an OSHA violation) and throw their packages on the belt. Some of these people have a regular pickup account, but a lot are internet accounts. People have come in and dumped USPS and FedEx packages Drivers who stop them and ask that they check with somebody first have been chastised by management for bothering the customers. Nobody should be allowed near the belts and any package that somebody brings in off the street should at least be looked at before being accepted.
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    TSA = airport
    fedex ground = ground
    fedex express = air
    ups = ground/air

    you have to follow TSA rules because your ups truck is considered connected to the airport even if you never get within 100 miles of one same as a fedex express. fedex ground doesn't have to because they do not interact with the airport in any way. there are some benefits to having one driver being able to deliver everything but there are also things we have to deal with that a company that has separate networks doesn't have to.