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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by osustuident, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. osustuident

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    Hey I just took the tour today and it looks pretty good. Im wondering if they allow you to have a water bottle nearby because the warehouse where I'll be working is extremely humid. Anyone know the answer to this?
  2. Pollocknbrown

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    Yes, you are, just keep it a clear bottle, personally i carry a 3L water jug, and i drink it all, its a sauna up here.
  3. dillweed

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    Sure, they want us to drink plenty of iiquids and I've never heard any complaints.

    I'd suggest not guzzling too much water for fear of headache or stomach ache. Sipping seems to work better. I take a big thermos glass of water and also a frozen gatorade. Boy, does that ice cold gatorade taste good after a couple hours.

    Best of luck on the job and let us know how your'e doing, OK? dw
  4. PassYouBy

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  5. helenofcalifornia

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    When I worked inside I had a one gallon water jug filled with ice that usually melted by the time the shift ended. Or the water was used up. Water is the answer and lots of it.
  6. Fnix

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    lol i freeze water in the freezer and take it in - in the morning. it's thawed by the time I get to my spot. :crying: and by the time I get thirsty enough to drink it's warm.
  7. RockyRogue

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    Interesting idea about the clear bottle. Personally, I've always used an empty 1 liter soda bottle. I drink it all in about an hour--the average time it takes me to do a baby flat or pup--in addition to drinking quite a bit from the water fountain when I refill the bottle. Management has never looked at me sideways about the water refills. Even up here in the Mile High City, it can get pretty humid. Not as bad as the Midwest but it was pretty bad a couple weeks ago. -Rocky
  8. Lobofan5

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    If you come to work AND do a good job while you are here.. I think that they wouldn't care if you bring a live squid with you. :lol:

    Water is always good.
  9. voodoolord

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    The camel back works well. I bring a cooler filled with poweraid to keep it cold. warm poweraid after burning up in a trailer realy sucks.
  10. Pollocknbrown

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    the only reason i say it had to be clear was because in my hub, people use to smuggle odd things (nuts, bolts, etc) in their jugs that weren't clear. So if u bring a jug that isnt clear the security guard goes through it, so i saved myself the time of unscrewing the cap showing it to the guard and putting it back on, and just bought a clear jug.
  11. Cementups

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    Never allowed to have water. Could be used as a weapon. Especially in a frozen form.