Package never scanned?

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    I'm new here, so I'm not sure if this is the right place for this post..

    ut anyway, last Saturday I dropped off a package at my local UPS store to be sent out, and the guy working there said it would ship out Monday.. Well Monday is long gone and the tracking information is still saying: "A UPS shipping label has been created. Once the shipment arrives at our facility, the tracking status--including the scheduled delivery date--will be updated."

    It has been like that for about a week. Do you think the package has been lost or something? I got insurance for the package, so if anything did go wrong would they replace the item or give me the amount of money it was worth?
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    Call 1-800-PICK UPS and they will be able to assist you.
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    If you dropped it off at the ups store I would guess you got a receipt ???? Why don't you call the UPS store first ( UPS stores are independently owned and operated so calling 1-800-pick-ups isn't going to help you if your package is still at the UPS store ) the package is probably still there if it was small if might have fallen behind something or misplaced.

    If a driver picked up a package it would have been scanned possible when the driver picked it up if not when it got back to the building and loaded onto an outgoing trailer. After a week it should have gotten scanned but than again if it did get to the building the label could have fallen off if you didn't attach it very well if it was a letter or small bag there is a possibility that a conveyor belt ate it (but that rarely happen ).

    As I said I would check with the UPS store to start it is probably still there. If that fails you may want to contact 1-800-pick-ups and mention what happen if that label fell off.

    ​Good luck
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    did I time travel cause I feel like I read this post before?
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    My guess is the package was lost between the ups store and the hub. Every package is scanned at every hub. You will have to file a claim with the shipper, who will notify ups. A driver follow up will be created. If you insured package then I see no reason why you wouldn't get reimbursed. Hope this helps.
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    Label created, package dropped off at UPS store, no receipt or pick up scan? Good luck with that claim insured or not.
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    Should I call the store I dropped it off at? Should I call the 1-800 number? Or should I post on an internet forum?
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    The op is the shipper.... There is not pick up scan good or any scan what's the OP doing to claim ?
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    If your looking for a way to pull one over on UPS your come to BC to try to figure how you might be able to then when find out your not going to be able you leave after your first post....
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    Yup, can't file a claim on a package that was never picked up.
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    And every UPS store records the tracking number of every package they handle be it RS, ARS, or regular shipping label they created or someone else did and dropped off.
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    I believe they also do this because they get paid from UPS for drop offs. I was covering a UPS store one day when someone approched me while I was loading pkgs in the parking lot,handed me a couple pkgs and when I went back in the guy in the store was upset that I took them. He wanted to scan them for credit.
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    I would get of David Thorn (this guy) and see if you can make you up a poster for your missing package. I hear he is good at that kind of thing.