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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by automated, Jan 23, 2006.

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    Regime Change in Palestine?

    A vote for Hamas isn't necessarily a vote for genocide.
  2. DS

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    Whats everyones take on the Hamas militants taking power?
  3. DS

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    Ok so that didn`t work but I`m sure you`ve read about it.
    Apparently Bush pumped 2million$ into the opposition in social programs,when that is way more than both parties together spent on the whole election, but I guess the people consider this a kick in the head to the ones that have been in power for years before this election.I think things are going to get worse over there before they get better.Iran`s just askin for an ass-kickin.Even Michael Jackson could be in trouble if they take him hostage and threaten to cut his head off if we dont all become muslims.
  4. moreluck

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    "Even Michael Jackson could be in trouble if they take him hostage and threaten to cut his head off if we dont all become muslims."

    we can only hope, ds.....
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    Editorial: In the Mideast, a Giant Step Back

    If Hamas chooses to continue its campaign to destroy Israel, it's more than likely that it will not be around for long, and rightly so.

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    Op-Ed Contributor: Hamas at the Helm

    If the Israelis are contemplating engagement with Hamas, it's time the Americans and Europeans did, too.

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  7. tieguy

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    If hamas is willing to join the political process and rennounce terrorism then this could then be a step towards stability.
  8. That's a mighty big 'If' there. Things don't look so good in the first 48 hours. The US has said they won't deal with Hamas. Israel says it won't deal with Hamas, and Hamas and Fatah are exchanging gunfire in Gaza.

    Time will tell, but I don't see how putting a terrorist organization in charge of Palestine will lead to stability. Perhaps you could share your reasons for optimism?
  9. tieguy

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    Obviously there are huge concerns with having a terrorist organization and negotiating with Hamas as such is unthinkable. If however Hamas was able to make the required concessions as Israel and the US have asked then what we would have is contact with leadership that may actually represent the palestinian. Its possible we weren't always negotiating with the right person in prior peace talks which would possibly explain why violence would often go on unabated while peace negotiations took place.
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    I will be totally pissed if we continue to give money to the Palestinians now that Hamas is in charge. While I feel sorry for the conditions in which they live giving money to terrorists is just lunacy. Let some of the Arab states give them money (for something other than as a reward to the family of a homocide bomber). And just why is it that none of these Arab countries would let the Palestinians settle in their countries?
  11. tieguy

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    I don't understand why we give them money anyway. Not like we are buying their friendship.
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    What I find strange is that, on the one hand we preach democracy, while on the other we're trying our best to put up a puppet regime.

    The majority of the palestinian people want Hamas in power and that's why they're there - as much as we hate to admit, that is democracy. Possibly Hamas has more credibility than those other Fatah folks who were robbing the already poor palestinian civilians of aid. True that Hamas needs to resolve and manage tht land with peace.

    The funniest comment above was by WillyVet when he asked why the neighbouring arab countries don't let them live in their land? Please let me ask you a question, and please reply in all honesty. What would be your feelings if, say, one day the French decided that "Louisiana" belongs to us because we owned in centuries ago and we'd like to nullify the Louisiana Purchase. All European power nations agree on this (assuming the US doesn' t have hte power to resist) and an influx of French families begins into Louisiana. Overtime they build their houses, take over the business aspects of the country and then create their own country named (Francrael). Millions of Louisian families are left homeless and treated in hideous conditions spending centuries in tents and refugee camps. Do you NOT think these Lousiana families have a right to defend their land? ... give me a break..
  13. wily_old_vet

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    Anonymous-You mean like Mexico seems to be intent on doing in the Southwest?
  14. tieguy

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    I understand your point but this example was perhaps a little too bizarre. How can anyone possibly imagine the French being assertive or aggressive in anything they do? Creating a fictitious country full of trans-vestites would have been more believable. When the Germans wanted to start a world war they would romp through France for an appetizer ...:cool:
  15. DS

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    Now they are burning down embassies becauce of cartoons published in Danish newspapers in Syria.These people are way too extreme in everything they do.Maybe this should be a new thread.
  16. sendagain

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    Having people like Hamas run governments almost proves man descended from apes. Even now, embassies are burning down because someone printed cartoons of Muhammed in a Danish newspaper. Democratic voting doesn't work very well when you have a huge population of uneducated, hatefull bigots who do not not have freedom of thought.
  17. tieguy

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    If those folks would actually follow the teachings of the Koran the world would be such a peaceful place.
  18. DS

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    They need a leader. Living a life based on a religion that encourages killing other people is barbaric.The literal translations are carried on over centuries,hence producing new racists in its teachings.They need someone that can read the Koran and teach them how to get along.
    They need a Martin Luthor Singh.
  19. tieguy

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    yea sadly they do. they are often victimized for political gain. One thing westernization will do for them is hopefully help them realize they have been pawns in a terrible game.
  20. dannyboy

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    When you combine the seriously rich political figure with uneducated huddled masses that believe what the misleader's tell them, you have what is happening there. Combine that with the promise that heaven will be yours only if you die fighting for my cause, I mean the cause of Allah, well you have seen the results.

    Of course we have people like that here, people that will use bombs to kill people working at an abortion clinic, people that will burn crosses in yards, people that will exploit women to make millions while casting them aside as worthless.

    So while the finger is easily pointed at them, we need to look at ourselves as well.