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    Can anyone answer this question. What is up with management and the parasite workers? " a worker with 5 years plus of senority"These workers do very little work, they attach themselves to workers who actually do work, and take credit when the job is done. Management knows these workers are not efficient, but still choose to keep them on the payroll. These workers can't answer DOT, FAA, or TSA procedural questions on their own. They are very dependent on others for answers.

    I must be the only one who views these workers as a liabililty to the company.
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    troll alert!
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    And what are you trying to conversate about? People not working? Worry about yourself first.

    Are you that management suck-up that we all know and love?

    WAD and MYOB
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    That is right people I work with don't work. I have to do their work because they are inept. They always ask what is the procedure when it comes to this task. You would think after years of doing the job, they would some kind of understanding of how to complete the task.
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    that would be one reason. Peer pressure to keep you from doing too much and raising expectations.
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    You proved my point. Doing too much is not enough. Doing not enough is not enough. There is never enough no matter how much work you push. Just do your job and shut the (#*( up. Enough whiners already regarding union vs sups, the last thing we need are whiners complaining about other union. The work gets done and he goes home. I'm sure he cries about this crap on the job to managers and other suck ups, which is stealing company time.
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    i also just started at ups my 1 year anniversary is close by, but i also have to deal with a couple of lazy workers but i can respect them because they have been trough worse in my opinion. it gets annoying when they dont sort right or expect me to get packages that they let go but just deal with it, dont get me wrong i have told supes that certain ppl cant sort but its because they themselves have gone up there cause of complaints from preload supes so they ask me at the end of the shift if its ok to keep putting that person with me to sort and expecting good results.its not like im telling them that i want to file a complaint or anything, the good supervisors know how certain ppl work and who can work good with who so if you get lucky then your supervisor can determine ppl's skills if not just deal with it or quit.
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    Gosh, at 15 years with the company I must do NO work at all.

    I attach myself to new workers like a blood-sucking tick. No sense wasting energy on the job.

    Management only keeps me on the payroll because the feel sorry me. They know I'm not worth enough to get another job, not even at McDonalds.

    I can't answer the simplest of questions because I'm too lazy to open my mouth.

    Thank goodness the company has you as an ASSet.:happy-very:
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    Not sure I proved anyones point with that line.

    fair days work for a fair days pay should mean you do the best job you can do. You folks tend to discourage people from doing their best by claiming the company will expect more or by telling people to slow down so they do not make others look bad. thats not giving a fair days work.
    the other point is as each year comes around you will expect to recieve more pay and more on the benifits but yet you don't think you should do more to pay for it.

    Keep this in mind what we do for the customer today is not going to be enough tommorrow. The customer will always expect more from you and me.
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    Fair days work. Safely, responsibly. Both sides of the coin are represented well at UPS, slow and doggedly and unsafe/awkward suckups. The idea is to let it be and do your own thing. Let the supervisors handle their issues.
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    look the other way?

    Take this question. What should he do if he believes his co-workers are violating the contract by not giving their fair days work? Should he show his pride in the teamsters by challenging these folks who are misrepresenting the teamsters? Do the teamsters have a process for addressing these types of contract violations or only the ones perpetuated by the company?

    What should he do if one of his teamster brothers tell him to slow down as they often do? See you want him to shut up and look the other way when a brother is a malingerer but yet your brothers often pull our better people to the side and try to convince them to slow down. This is so the malingerers don't look as bad.

    This single issue here is why the teamsters are considered a cancer. Your attitude of calling the ones that hustle "unsafe/suckups" tends to discredit your teamster brothers who exhibit a lot of pride in workmanship.
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    Let's see Tie. I covered a regular bid drivers route this past week.

    I got absolutely hammered to the point I had to talk to my on-roads and then the PT dispatch supervisor who freely admitted they would not give this much work to the regular driver. I had to meet up with a Feeder to drop all my ground one night. He gets an 8hr day pretty much every day.

    It's not always Teamsters telling us to slow down. UPS does it in so many other ways with out ever saying the words.

    Seems pretty stupid to cover a route and be expected to do more then the bid driver has expected of him.
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    This is basically the same as getting injured due to too much volume, an unsafe load, an unsafe situation - then having UPS management or saftey brown nosers try to blame you for the injury instead of taking responsibility.

    If someone is tearing down walls to hit a supervisors numbers, the supervisors will shed a blind eye to it and not say anything.

    But if those numbers are not met , the same supervisors will be swaming that load like a bee to honey and telling them to hurry up.

    tieguy you reflect upon some great double-standards that no one else could identify nearly as well. Thank you for shedding some light into the bass-ackwards mindset of a manager.
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    Your desperate cry for my attention has been duly noted.
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    You keep turning this into a safety issue as if all upsers that do a superior job are working unsafely. I've know many fine upsers that did an excellent all around job and had no safety issues.

    Could you please stop squirming and answer the original points that you responded to.

    To everyone else on this board if you are currently doing a good job at work then your brother here has identified you as someone who takes shortcuts and works unsafely.
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    A fair days work for a fair days pay.

    1. Do the best job you can do and the company pays you the most they can.
    2. Do the bare minimum and the company pays you the bare minimum required by the contract.
    3. Do your best job and get paid the bare minimum the contract requires.

    Which of the 3 seems most fair?
  19. drewed

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    and if the minimum per contract was 50 an hr would it still be do minimum?
    the teamsters signed the contract, and all aspects have to adhered to...youre gonna make UPS hold up their end correct? so it should be do the best damn job you can do bc thats adhering to the contract and you wouldnt expect any less in return!
  20. brownIEman

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    Seeing as the union should and would extract from the company the utmost it can afford to pay its employees during negotiations, would not the most the company can pay and the minimum required by the contract be one and the same?