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    Mom !!!! It's not fair !!!

    She's right, it isn't fair that my news channel was tied up all day with this stinking little brat! She's so famous......for what?? It's not fair that such a no-talent who does so little for the world gets so much publicity. Maybe you didn't hear there was a glitch in the computer system that is delaying flights on the entire Eastern, we were too busy watching the Paris Circus.
    I, for one, am looking forward to 45 days without Paris in the picture.
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    Too bad they can't increase her sentence.............
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    You won't get that in this solar system! Don't believe me?

    Just watch for the next 45 days because that is the society we have become!
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    Sherriff Baca also charged that Hilton received a more severe sentence than the usual penalty for such a crime, which he said would have been either no jail time or direct placement in home confinement with electronic monitoring.

    "The only thing I can detect as special treatment is the amount of her sentence," the sheriff said.

    Los Angeles Superior Court / AP

    In the court document concerning Hilton's sentencing, Judge Michael T. Sauer explicitly wrote, "No work furlough. No work release. No electronic monitoring."
    The judge gave no explanation for his ruling.

    Many high power Attorneys Such as Roy Black reitterates the same conclusions as The Sheriff for most if not all misdermeaner charges/violations,and also note the specified sentencing which Judge Sauer never includes in misdermeaner cases.

    People crying foul and special treatment for the spoiled little rich brat and the hatred and jealousy spewing for Paris over driving with a suspended liscense and a probation violation is absurd,OJ Simpson's getting better press than Paris(and he killed two people) If this was an average Joe or a minority they'd be out by now,work furlow,house arrest or never served time.

    I blame this whole fiasco on Judge Saur's power trip on this high profile case.As a perspective juror,you are instructed not to pre-judge the defendent.Seems like the Judge should have follow protocol with sentencing.
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    Remember, she was caught two times driving with a suspended license. She already got off with NOTHING the first time, and chose to break the law again.
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    Too bad they can't do a reality show. 45 days of her in jail. What a hoot that would be...ready :

    Survivor 10 - staring paris hilton and only paris hilton. Who will survive till the end?:thumbup1:

    Day two - paris voted out of jail.

    Day three - paris voted back into jail.

    Day 4 - paris runs out of nail polish. See Paris order the guard to get her more.
    See the guard crack paris upside the head.
    See paris turn her nose up at the dinner fare.
    See the guard rub Paris's nose in the dinner fare.

    yes sir would be the highest rated reality show ever.
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    Biker Dude!!! Man, you do your homework. I know not to do battle with you. Why are you spending your life at UPS? Wait, I know, your a road scholar, kinda like ol Bill Clinton. lmao
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    The same people who say she was given too stiff (no pun intended) a sentence will be the same ones who`ll say she wasn`t punished enough when she gets out and runs someone over the next time.
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    Paris has as much business in jail as a monkey with a gold tooth:w00t: BC