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    Hey Y’all!

    Can anyone give me a definite answer (I know, I know, I’m talking about UPS here and definites are hard to come by) regarding PT Health Insurance?

    I know the “new contract” says after 9 months, but since that’s taking eons to pass, I need to go by the old contract. I have read a lot of it and can’t seem to find the correct verbiage.

    My 12 months of employment will be 3/10.
    I’m pregnant and due 4/1.

    Will my benefits kick in on 3/1 or 4/1? Will I need to strap this baby in, in order to be covered for birth!?

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    Call your union hall.
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    I will... that’s my next step but I’ve asked them so many questions. I figured this was a non-local specific one that hopefully someone would know.
  4. You usually get your insurance cards about a week before you get insurance
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    Article 34 Section 2(d).... of the National Master Agreement.

    (d) Notwithstanding any contrary provision in any Supplement, Rider, or Addendum, (i) individual health coverage will be made available to part-time employees hired after August 1, 2008 after twelve (12) months of active employment and (ii) spousal or dependent coverage will also be made available to these part-time employees twelve (12) months after their initial date of employment.

    Was 3/10/2018 your seniority date ?


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    Isn't the PT health administered through the company?
    Maybe contact HR?

    I know it's different in various parts of the country but when I was PT (many years ago), it was through the company.
  7. They all have Teamcare here.
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    Around four months for benefits in this area.