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  1. Skee

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    sorry if these questions have been asked before, but I've searched for pages and couldn't find anything on these questions specifically...

    there are currently 5 Part-Time Package Handler openings within 35 miles of my home in Florida: Deerfield, Ft. Lauderdale, Riviera Beach, Hollywood and Hialeah...

    I just moved to Florida from New York- where many of my friends are Package Delivery Drivers, and almost all of them got their start as Part-Time Package Handlers...

    my questions:

    1. is it worth it to apply for a Part-Time Package Handler position if my goal is to eventually become a Package Delivery Driver? from all of their first-hand experience I understand how tough the job is and I'm willing to do the hard work

    2. on average, how long can I expect to wait before I become eligible for a full-time position, or at least have the chance to move up to a driving position? this is my biggest concern

    thanks in advance for any advice, all opinions/info is definitely appreciated
  2. MonavieLeaker

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    1. Yes it is,,,if you apply now you might not get kept on...UPS is only hiring temp package handlers now..but apply anyway show up on time and show up everyday and they might keep ya

    2. Depends by the Hub or Center...Could be 2 months could be 2 years
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  3. freeloader

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    Depending on where you live, those locations span about 100 miles - Riviera Beach is the northernmost - just north of WPB and Hialeah is the southernmost - just NW of Miami.

    You can expect to wait at least a few years before you can get into FT driving. In the meantime you can get into PT driving (On-Call Air, Air Shuttle, etc) fairly quickly. Cover driving is also an option but you still have to wait a couple years to get into that as well.

    South Florida has heavy delivery volume and the preloads are huge so there should be lots of driving opportunities if you are willing to wait it out.
  4. Skee

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    thanks MonavieLeaker/freeloader for the info...

    it's good to know that there can be opportunities to move up in the area (I'm in Boca Raton btw) and that I can get into part-time driving fairly quickly, but hearing "a couple years" for full-time is a little scary...

    if I took the Package Handler position I would definitely want to make a career out of working for UPS, but I could only work part-time for so long, and it would be tough for me to pursue any REAL full-time employment while I'm working part-time for UPS...if I knew that in 6 months or a year that I could be full-time it would be worth it, but it would be tough to risk the possibility of working part-time for 2-3 years with no real advancement opportunities to show for it (and still have to work another job just to support myself)...

    if anyone has any more info please keep it coming, and I'd definitely like to hear from anyone who started out as a Part-Time Package Handler and where they're at now
  5. Fnix

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    start renting out housing to people to supplement income
  6. Pollocknbrown

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    you think 2-3 years is bad? its ten years up here in buffalo, suck it up, find a 2nd PT job and go for it i say.
  7. Skee

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    ^^ I'm just going off the info from my friends that are full-time drivers in (Brooklyn) New York, I don't think any of them were Package Handlers for more than 2 years, in fact I think it was less time than that for all of them...

    I know it's gonna take time to become full-time, and I would definitely be willing to wait...all I'm saying is that I'm 27/single/no kids, so it would be ok to work 2 part-time jobs right now, even for a year or two, but how can I justify being in my mid/late 30's STILL working part-time jobs while only HOPING I'll be full-time at UPS one day?

    UPS doesn't owe me anything, I understand that...but that's also why I made this thread, to try and get as much information as possible before I make a decision
  8. Pollocknbrown

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    Get your CDL, if your area is anything like buffalo Feeder driving would be easier to get into. I cant do either yet. Not old enough he he.
  9. Skee

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    ^^ yeah I already have a CDL, I know it wasn't a requirement for Package Delivery Drivers in Brooklyn (at least not anymore according to my friend), but I was hoping it would give me some sort of slight advantage down here in Boca Raton
  10. kenmei

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    after u work in ups for 3moths u can apply for the package driver
    u only need 21years old without bad drive record lol
  11. Skee

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    ^^ my record is spotless, but 3 months seems too good to be true....can anyone verify that?