Part Time to Full Time Sup.


Preload Supervisor
YEAH...I agree. Talk to this guy!


bad company

How does one go about doing so? Who would you talk to get that process going.

Don't take this the wrong way, but the fact that you don't know anything about this process probably tells me that you're not ready to go into full-time management. How did you become a part-time sup? Because the process is very similar...atleast initially anyway. The information you are seeking can be found here by doing a search, and detailed information can also be found on the UPSers website.

Do your research before diving into a full-time management position.


former pre-load p/t sup
I tried for 3 years. I "rocked the boat" too much as a p/t sup. Our building wanted more "yes sir" friend/t sups and not ones that thought outside the box I guess. And BTW, I was told that by my friend/t sup when I left... "if you would have just kept your mouth shut..." nice huh?