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    Recently got a phone call about full time, took the driving test and going to the schooling for driving on the 27th. But have a quick question as far as what happens with my vacations/sick days. I have a vacation set for the second week of August, supposed to be driving by then and obviously don't plan on using it, but what happens?, and also what happens with my 3 sick days with part time?

    No one can give me a straight answer about what happens so I'm hoping someone here can help me out, thanks!
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    If you bid your vacation as part time, you will still have that time off when you go full time, at least thats my understanding and it is the same with your sick days.

    They will be paid out as part time though, not full time.
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    you have sick days? 3 of them. I didn't know we had sick days but if so then use them beore the 27th and enjoy what free life u have now cuase if you pass integrad and qualify then your new house life will then b in a big brown truck with the words U P S on each side.

    Congrats!!! u excited ??
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    If you picked your vacation for that week then that is when your vacation is, plain and simple. As for your sick days, you will still have them available and when you were to choose to use them you would get paid your part-time rate and hours for it since you were part-time when you earned them.

    As far as using your vacation, they know you have vacation scheduled. Use it and enjoy it.
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    You are paid all of your personal and vacation time once you go FT. At least iirc when I went FT in 2006, all of the vacation time was paid out in a check.

    IMO: You should go to school the 27th, then take your vaca/personal time in a lump -and go driving after your vacation. Ask your HR rep to talk to the center manager, they should be able to square that away pretty easily.
  6. menotyou

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    At my center, you would be rescheduling with the on-car(your full time sup). We get our days paid out at the end of the year, no matter what.
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    We have 4 new package car drivers in our building this summer. Those who came from inside and had scheduled vacations all took their time off during the summer. We used to have to sell all vacations back and take a payoff but that changed when they moved the selection time. If you are allowed to take your time off as scheduled I would suggest you do it. It will be a very long time before you are likely to get another summer vacation in package. My good friend with 22 years seniority and 14 full time in package just got his first summer week vacation this year. Good luck at integrad, congrats on going driving, and remember always Be Safe!
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    question i am part time and will have 5 weeks vacation this coming year. if i go full time do i lose my 5 weeks and go back down to 1 or 2 weeks vacation? i do realize i will be the low man on the pole when it comes to picking vacations.
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    You can never lose time that you have earned. With 5 weeks vacation you must have at least 25 years of service. Your vacation weeks are based on company seniority, not classification seniority; however, selection of vacation is based on classification seniority so you will be at the bottom of the list.
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    i am part time, we might have it set up differently at my hub/local. i will reach 15 years this coming january and will now be getting 5 weeks. i currently have 4 weeks.