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I have an opportunity to work with UPS as a package handler. I was wondering how are the benfits. Do part timers get full health covearage, and so on. Is their deductions from our pay if we want healthcare? ANd how many dayd do we have to have in before we can have health? Dental? Thanks


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As a part time employee you have full medical, dental, and vision insurance. Your benefits will begin on the first day of the fifth month of employment, (Provided you have reached seniority). You reach senirity on your 31st day of employment. There are no out of check costs for your insurance benefits, but you will probably have to pay a co-payment when you use your benefits, usually $20 per visit for normal doctors visits. Emergency services are more. You also have Prescriiption insurance, but I believe most of those plans are, you pay first and get reimbursed.
The only payroll deductions are the standard government deductions, and if you decide, Union Dues. If you are in a right-to-work state, you are not required to be in the union. Otherwise, I believe union dues are $20 per month. If I am wrong on the amount, I'm sure someone will correct me in a few minutes.
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Benefits apparently depend on what part of the country you're in. Our newbies get their benefits after 6 months of employment. If they have a wife or children, they pay 25.00 per month to cover those family members. (not 25.00 per person). If you go with the PCP plan, you pay 10.00 each time you go to the Dr and 25.00 for a trip to the emergency room, if your Dr. refers you there. Our prescription plan pays for all drugs, once in awhile we pay a 5.00 co-pay if we have to have a name-brand drug. Otherwise we just sign and pay nothing. Dental and Eyecare properly used can be a free trip. Definitely a great value these days.

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Seniority should be on the 30th day in 90 day period that you punch in on.

Company will match part-time insurance with whatever full-timers are offered.

If your in CS area:
Doctor co-pays are $20. Emergency services are covered 100%.
Full-timers have Medco prescription card that requires 20% co-pay of negiotated rate not retail rate. No waiting for reimbursement. Do part-timers not have prescription card?

Union dues in our area is 2.5 * hourly rate plus $1 - for all employees.


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Coverage starts immeadiatly after you make senority. Here in N.Calif, all you pay is a $5 prescriptions, NO co-pay for anything!!


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Benefits are based on where you live. Here in the south east, they start on the first day of the fifth month of employement, provided you have acheived seniority. ie. you have worked at least 30 days. I added that because I have seen new hires who have had to go out on disability in their first 30 days. You would have to get with your HR department to get confirmation for your area.


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I think (at least in the northeast) that the basic medical benefits start on your fifth month... (provided you reached your senority). Then as I understand it, you have to achieve 250 hours, usually by the end of your 4th month. UPS sends hours worked to the union the 20th of every month which shows the hours for the previous month... for example...the numbers received by sept 20th will be for hours worked in august...the numbers received in on august 20th would be for the hours worked for the month of july...and so on...basically you have to accumulate 250 hours... BUT for example, if you are 1 hour short of that 250 mark, you have to wait another month's report to go by before you get your medical insurance... but it is said to be retroactive to the 1st of the month...but that doesn't help in some cases if you have doctors appointments during the 5th month, then that would come out of your own pocket....unless I guess, I've heard you can maybe submit it to yor local union for re-imbursement...


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Great benefits...have my whole family on husbands'(carpenters union)benefit package is horrible and very expensive so we do not participate in it...also, if you have a recurring prescription you can set up mail order which is really trips to the pharmacy and you do not have to pay any copayment at in PA...not sure if it is available everywhere...I think it is though...the benefits at UPS are one of the reasons I hang onto this job..and I love it...its like going to the gym for free...great workout every night!


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benefits as a part time package handler...

you get worked into the ground and you get your school paid for. not a bad place to work if you have the right attitude.


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Sure beats working part time at other places other than UPS, you could be working into the ground for peanuts and without benefits... It is the bene's that totally makes it worth working at UPS.....


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Up here in POROR, we have the choice of our provider between Aetna and Kaiser. I think I'll be going with Aetna, because for those of you who don't know, Kaiser is a stinkin' HMO. Aetna is actual insurance. Which reminds me, I need to go sign up.