Part timer overtime/right to leave rights?

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    A colleague of mine (part-time loader in a hub) left work last night just past the 5hr mark for his shift. On his way out he was approached by the shift coordinator and told that his leaving was in violation of a "direct work order" and would be considered job abandonment. He was instructed to report to the manager before start of shift tonight. This is further complicated by the fact that other employees in his work area, of the same job classification, and with less seniority were relieved for the night before he was given the option to leave.

    I've been trying to find documentation in the appropriate rider (date of hire 11-09) but have come up with nothing that touches on part-timer overtime or the protocol for sending people home by seniority. I have never had a problem with using either of those 'rights' but would love to find a hard copy for him before he goes in.

    So I guess the questions are:

    Can part timers leave at 5 hours? Can supervisors send home people of lesser seniority without first offering the same to more senior employees? Is there any documentation anyone knows of that he could cite during his meeting tonight?

    I've advised him of the obvious cautions (punch in before the meeting, make sure a steward is present, don't sign anything, etc.) but are there any other words of wisdom he could benefit from?

    I thank all of you for your time reading this regardless of any help you can offer. :)
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    Where I am people leave at five hours as they are "free". As far as the order in which they leave beforehand, by rights this should be done by seniority. This is rarely the case as they try and cut the more expensive and lower value employees while keeping the cheap, more capable help to close more efficiently. UPS likes to cut the fat throughout the shift and finish with a bare-bones operation, while using their own supervisors to do union work. Enough people with high seniority want to get out before 5 hours. To me it is up to a supervisor to know the order of seniority and to respect it the best they can in the current environment.
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    Seniority gives you the right to work not the right not to work they can send home whoever whenever you go home when they tell your done its called a job wow!!!!!
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    That's a seniority violation. I'd do a basic ART 37 NM grievance for harassment. Find PT's language for seniority and throw that in as well.
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    Seniority prevails in ALL situations.
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    You have the right to work not the right not to work..... If that was the case they would have to ask everyone before they laid off the lowest seniority person...

    In most building they will ask the highest seniority people if they want to leave early.... Also they have to have enough people that now how to do each specific job....
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    What? I'm neither relatively speaking. I didn't mean high seniority individuals are less capable. If you're being paid 30$/hour and I'm being paid $15/hour you should be doing double the work if it's the same task.
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    Whatever the case may be as to seniority rights in your area. You must always work as instructed, unless its illigal, immoral, or unsafe, and grieve later. The fact that he left after being instructed not to is going to be job abondanment and failure to follow instructions. My guess is he will be terminated at his meeting.
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    Maybe thats the way it should work but thats not the way lt does work. At my old center they still have pt clerk (31 years in) and a pt porter (about the same amount of time) who both make the same wages and have the same benefits as the drivers (what ever that is now days----30 + an hour?). About all they do for 4+ hours every morning is tape up a few packages, call a few people for directions and lean on a broom-------and talk to each other about tv programs they watched the night before. Mean while some poor kid is sweating his rearend off unloading the trailers for 8-10 bucks an hour. About once a year UPS comes down hard on them to get them to retire but they just laugh. They make more working 4 hours a day than 3/4 of the people in my town do working 8+.
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    You contradict yourself in your own statement. We are not talking layoff. We are talking the right to be the first to go or the last to leave. Some continue to have the idea that "seniority gives you the right to work not the right to not work". I don't know how it is in your barn but here everything is done by seniority. Paid days off, unpaid days off, overtime, 8 and skate, even leaving early if there's a lack of work. It's a very simple method. Ask from the top down then force from the bottom up. One thing I know for sure though. I'll be damned if at 26 years I'm going to have to stay and work while some one with less seniority is allowed to be the first to call it a day.
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    -Article 44, Section 1; Teamster Local 705 United Parcel Service Agreement (2008-2013)

    If your contract supplement or rider does not contain strong seniority language, ask your negotiation team about it.
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    You can tell your low on the pole! When you get some years in I hope you come back and see how stupid you sound! Them guys that your hating on were there before you and sounds like they will be there after you! People like you probably walk around saying yessssa bossssa Izzza dozzza dat ritzzzz now! Thinking thats how you survive on the brown slave ship but your WRONG! Your a contract worker not a slave my friend. Educate yourself. Read the handbook and contract
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    rod is retired lol