Part Timer refusing hours during peak

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    Hello everyone. I've been checking this site for a few months now and finally decided to register, so before I ask my question, thanks for all the helpful info.

    Back in October my station started this thing where full timers had to start taking more stops so that part timers were off the road earlier. My normal 8-2 shift was cut to about 8-12/1 so I loss a decent amount of hours. It wasn't a huge deal, because I'm going to school and went from full time to part time anyway when I realized FedEx became your life as a full timer. Anyway, now that peak is here, myself and the other part timers are allowed to run our routes the way they were originally. Recently when browsing the people manual, I thought I read that part timers never have to accept over 8 hours a day or 5 days a week. Is this true? I'm not hard up for money, and would love to basically tell them if they can get by without me in October/November, then they can do the same in December too. If anyone knows, please let me know, and thanks!
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    Don't know what policy states exactly, but as a PTer you aren't required to work more than 30 hrs a week. Whether or not they'll punish you by only giving you 17.5 hrs in the future will depend on your senior mgr mostly. If you have a legit reason to refuse hours most likely nothing will happen other than some nasty looks.
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    As a PT employee they cannot force you to work over your scheduled hours, and they can't schedule you for FT hours during peak unless you allow them to. In other words, they have to ask, but you don't have to do it, especially if you have another commitment like school or childcare etc. Of course, if you refuse, there might be payback, which means that extra hours opportunities won't be offered in the future. When I was PT, there was intense pressure to work 50 plus hours during peak, and then it was right back to just above minimums until volumes started to rise in the Spring. If you weren't totally flexible during peak, management would remember, and then one of their favorites would get extra hours. We have a couple part-timers who are in school and drive FO routes and then flex. Even when we have late freight at 1000 or so, they leave because of school and while management might not like it, there isn't anything they can really say.

    If you don't need the money, tell them you have other commitments. There isn't anything they can do because the operational need/necessity rule doesn't apply to part-timers. Once you are FT, they own you. I will be right at 59.5 hrs for this week, and there is nothing I can do about it.
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    Lucky you.
    I'm FT and haven't had 40 hrs. in 4 months now.
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    We're really short. I'd rather work around 45.
  6. LTFedExer

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    PT can only be scheduled up to 6 hours for the day. Anything more, the courier needs to say it's ok.
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    At our station, I'm working maybe 1 to 2 hrs OT everyday. Late freight is huge reason for staying out to deliver after shuttle meet. Takes a little time getting use to delivering at night and the UPS guys are always working late. These next couple of weeks will be hell especially when bad weather kicks in. Stay safe!


    Welcome to my world.
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    Correct, and not outside your "scheduled" time.
    I had a mgr, long gone now, that said he can work me anytime from 1201 to 2359(I'm PM PT), I said only if I was PM FT.
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    That's right 30 hours is the max for parttimers. Just try and remember if you want the pension money you must work 1000 hours in the year..Our station is so bad to parttimers that they actually schedule some of them for 6 day weeks and schedule them on fulltime routes...Last year I was working 30+ every week for a few months and watched them give fulltimers LWOPS..pretty disgusting how they constantly push the envelope..It's a battle everyday just to stay..hopefully not much longer for me.:happy2:
  11. JonDowd

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    I'm the same way. A few years ago I was thinking I may want to be here forever...not a chance now.
  12. Mr. 7

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    I put that Dewalt sawzall for my 5 yrs. safe driving on ebay to try to pay the bills.
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    You are correct, as a part timer they cannot force you to work outside of your normal shift. That said, they can cancel you minimum if you refuse work and don't hit your minimum hours. The best thing to do is tell your manager what you are available to work and don't take more out than you can do during that time frame. Keep in mind that after the first of the new year, part timers are the first to lose any extra hours. Hope this helps.
  14. JonDowd

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    That normally happens to the part timers at my station around that time anyway, so that will just be status quo for us. Normally it's work like crazy over peak, and then here's 17.5 after. Thanks for all the info though everyone, it's appreciated.
  15. JonDowd

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    Who invited the manager?
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    When I was part time, I had no problem telling my manager I had to be off the clock by 12, knowing full well that when January 1st hits they'd be slashing my hours like Fruit Ninja and collapsing my rte and sending me home.

    If you want the hours as a part timer, you're more than welcome to it, but if you don't, don't be afraid to tell your manager you can't work. You may incur their wrath after peak....but management with FedEx is all about what have you done for me lately....You can always get back into their good graces come SFA time.
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    Ok, so I work the sort on the Express side and at my ramp they have whats called a "draft". Right now the A.M. shift is short alot of people (last count was 12), so to fill the void they schedule part time P.M.ers to fill in on the A.M. shift. (which includes me). Now if im correct in how im reading stuff, according to FedEx policy they must first fill all the positions with those who are current full time employees (if your at a facility that employs full time employees, which mine does). So how is it that managment tells all of us that dont want to work the A.M., that we have no choice in the matter and if your drafted outside your shift you MUST come in or suffer the consequences...Shouldnt they be forcing the full timers to work before part timers?
  18. Damon77

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    Two Words, placed carefully in the Employee Handbook: Operational Needs

    It's managements ticket to basically throw out whatever else is in the Employee Handbook.
  19. MrFedEx

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    Remember this. The Operational Needs policy cannot be applied to part-timers.
  20. MrFedEx

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    If you are PT, stick to your guns on the Operational Needs policy. I've heard that they can force you to be there for 6 hours, but only if there is an emergency, and if there isn't one, it's your scheduled hours and gone if you need to leave. That said, FedEx can claim anything is an "emergency" and discipline you accordingly. You can threaten to call HR or GFT, which might get their attention, but since HR will almost always take the side of management perhaps you should trot out your trusty Employee Handbook and make them live by their policies.