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    Can someone, anyone, please explain to me how the PAS labels get attached to the boxes. Is it done by Monkees? Blind people? People with a sick sense of humor? No matter what size the box, I get about 5-10 a day with the label over the barcode. And since I wear gloves all day, just easier to type in the 1Z. Is there anyone on here that actually does this job that can explain to me why this always happens?
  2. govols019

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    It's pretty easy for it to happen. The spa folks get slammed with an unmanageable flow from unload. Just be happy it got a PAS label at all.
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    Thank God the PAS label has the 1Z number on it. Even though I have to put my glasses on to see the itty, bitty, teeny, tiny label.
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    Yeah I get that alot too.

    The labels I like are the barcodes that are put on packages where the original barcode won't scan, and the new barcode won't scan either.
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    At our center they have hired new people to slap labels. These folks have never worked anywhere else in the building and have no idea how important bar codes, labels up and forward and many other practices are to those who get the pkg next.

    They put me on labels once coming out of the unload and I was a mess. I can load, unload trucks and sort but darned if those labels didn't kick my butt.

    govols019 has it right by pointing out the speed at which those pkgs go past. Seems an easy job but it sucks.
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    Unload throws out 10,000 packages per hour and spa can only print out 7,200 labels per minute. You blindly reach for a label and blindly apply the label while scanning another package...
    You are trained to look at the next package not the one you just scanned and this is how you get bad slaps...

    Sometimes the printer spits out double labels or none at all (TIMED OUT) and throws things off because you can't stop the belt and go back... Well you could stop the belt but then the unloaders would stack the belt so that the spa people are faced with a three foot stack of boxes to dig through... Then when that wall of boxes goes down half are not scanned, they are not split (IN/OUT) and they pile up at the end of the belt...

    I hope that answered your question...:thumbup1:
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    They will have all the worldship labels facing forward (towards the cab)and pulled off the PAL and stuck it on the outside of the package so it is visible while looking at the shelf. BUT they must also circle the PAL route number (53A) to verify that it is on the proper package car...

    They are to do ALL of the above plus keep their PPH and NOT STACK OUT... Otherwise they will be written up for NOT FOLLOWING PROPER METHODS...

    BEFORE PAS - lower PPH and earlier start times... Now twice the work is done in a shorter amount of time...
  8. and its a great mystery to many why theres more misloads now (even if they don't admit it) Funny it seems pretty obvious based on that summary you just made.
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    This is one of our PAS label guys...

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    I'm still knew to PAS/EDD so I'm still wondering how some packages that have a PAL on them (the correct label) and still aren't in EDD? I know that happens when stops are cut but I've had plenty of them that were in areas that weren't cut at all.
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    How early are you pulling EDD into your DIAD? For example, my official start time is 8:45 but I come in at 8:20 , punch in and pull EDD to see what my day is going to be like. However, I have to download EDD once more just before I leave the building, around 8:55. This is due to packages still being spa'd and the preload not wrapping up until right about 8:45 or later. This also helps with those super last minute add/cuts dispatch supervisors are so much in love with.

    My guess is you're pulling EDD early while the preload is still working.
  12. Overpaid Union Thug

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    I pull up EDD early like you do and then a second time time as soon as I get to my truck. If preload runs late then I'll upload one more time right before I pull away from the dock. Another issue is that we have been getting allot of packages without PALs at all. I keep telling the preloader not to load them until they are SPA'd but he continues to do so.
  13. JustTired

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    How does he know they belong in your load? That preloader is thinking on his own. Freethinkers will not be tolerated!!!
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    Anyone have a picture of a SPA Label?
  15. Cementups

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    Wait!!!! I'm stuck on this . Are you saying that Davey Jones, Peter Tork, Micky Dolenz and Michael Nesmith work for you UPS???:knockedout:
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    Being from a non-pas ctr I am going to ask a (probably) dumb question. Are the pas labels you all are talking about the same ones I keep ripping off my boxes because they are in my way? (covering the original label) LOL
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    The PAS labels are written in small print, have the address the package is going to in it, the door number, the truck number and the side of the belt the package should be split to. And not in that order. When you get PAS, be ready for some confusing first weeks. And lots of misloads at first.
  18. dilligaf

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    YUP, sounds like the labels I rip off my pkgs. :blushing2:
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    I had this up a while ago but my thread was deleted.

    Hopefully this doesn't happen to often in other cities.
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    i will put the label anywhere i choose and you will like it. i luv this job.