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  1. OK first question, whether you are in the east, midwest, west, north or south is EVERYONE being buried with the over 9.5 days? I just wanted to let everyone know what the real source of 1.) PAS looking like a failure and 2.) The complaints of over 9.5 days. So here it is.........

    1.) Dispatch supervisor plans his/her day according to staffing available and the IE planned volume estimates
    2.) Manager approves next days dispatch
    3.) Next day arrives and plan is loaded and being run
    4.) Division manager feels heat from above if stops per car fall even .1 below plan from previous day
    5.) Call comes down to "cut a car" or "cut two cars" between 7am and 8am
    6.) Poorly staffed preloads try to make the add/cuts to meet the mandate from above and supervisor undoubtedly makes mistakes trying to rework a days worth of planning in 20 minutes
    7.) Drivers go out 2-4 stops OVER plan instead of one tenth under
    8.) We ALL know that 2-4 average is spread to only maybe a half dozen drivers so away go another 11 hour dispatches
    9.) Drivers look at PAS as a failure, there sups as idiots and the preload as awful.

    Remeber the days of long range plans at UPS. We used to have a 5 year outlook on things, now we try and satisfy Wall Street quarterly. Well that short term view has infected the operations on a DAILY basis now. I would ask you ALL to remember this before casting a stone at PAS or the SUPS or anyone on the front lines. Maybe someday someone will realize the stupidity in the last minute burying of drivers and WORK THE PLAN. Day in and day out its instead a PLAN TO FAIL with PAS as a scapegoat and hostility between the front line management and hourly. Supervisors now do the work of hourly and Center managers are useless figureheads. EVERYTHING is dictated from above and noone can take ownership of the local situations. OK its late, I better climb down off the soapbox.
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    As long as we continue to get the job done, I expect the cuts will just keep on coming. From my perspective, it seems like the plan is to keep squeezing the drivers until the number of service failures becomes unacceptable--and only then will they be convinced they've gotten all they can get out of us....nevermind that we have to jump through flaming hoops to make service on everything. As long as it gets done, hey! it's all good...
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    With all the $$$ put into pas it wont change and the people in charge of the dispatch will never change.
    The bottom line is you are only as good as the help!!!!!!!!!
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    I was loading a send-again and someone from the office put a long note on it telling the driver that he needed to make 3 attempts on a school. (The package was for a resi customer and the schools are closed right now!) He just laughed and said "not gonna let it bother me." :wink: I wonder what the customer thought of the "lecture" on his package?
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    What I think interesting is how my min/max stops for my truck change daily to handle the stops dispatched to my truck. Used to be the same each day. Hmmmm......
  6. Its really very easy your dispatch sup changes your min-max so it looks like he is dispatching you in range on a daily basis and/or he is incorrectly changing and applying historical data to his current dispatch plan, either way it all boils down to changing/fudging the numbers to make him look good and you look bad.
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    You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out.