PAS, route eliminated after proposed changes

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  1. hardearnedgreen

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    After proposed changes, looks as though my route will be eliminated. After reading my local rider here in So. Cal.; am I correctly understanding the language? That I will have the opportunity to bump JUNIOR drivers that are also affected in that area?
    The local rider states:
    "When more than one driver's delivery area is affected, those affected drivers shall be afforded the opportunity amongst themselves to bid the areas affected in accordance with their seniority."

    Thanks for your input/experience.
  2. reydluap

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    You can bump ANY Junior full time employee in your Hub/Center. Not just the routes that your route was blended in with.
  3. hardearnedgreen

    hardearnedgreen New Member

    That is very good to know. Even though I know how to read, I tend to stress. I like it when things go smooth. Thanks for the heads up. I will need to brush up on my other area knowledge. Is there a time restraint on this? tia.
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I would think the time constraint would be when you walk in and they tell you your route has been eliminated and ask you what you want to do.
  5. gded

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    U only bid on start times. Anyone can walk in on any given day, and have your route eliminated.u than go to any other route that u have more seniority. it is always like a domino efect
  6. hardearnedgreen

    hardearnedgreen New Member

    Very well. Thanks for the heads up!
  7. tourists24

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    hard.... make sure you get with your steward and/or BA to check and see what the contract language means in you area...

    Based on what Ive seen on this and other posts, what is supposed to happen depends on which supplement you fall under. Here in the Atlantic supplement, you can bump a lower senior bid route driver, and then that driver can bump another lower senior driver. The 3rd driver then works as assigned (or replace the least senior driver). A lot different than what your case seems to be.
  8. hardearnedgreen

    hardearnedgreen New Member

    I will check with my steward and BA for sure. Thank you.
  9. browniehound

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    Hard, where I'm from if your route is eliminated you must work as directed for 15 days. After 15 days you can displace another employee junior to you in any position. If your route exists and you get bumped then you can bump anyone junior to you on day 1.
  10. gandydancer

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    Tourists24 is absolutely right that your rights in this situation depend on your Supplements, Riders, MOUs and prior practice. Not covered in the Master at all. Don't swallow the notion unexamined that your route was "eliminated", btw. It was divvied up and in certain situations you may have the right to follow the work. More likely you will be able to initiate a limited sequence of bumps starting with any junior driver of your choice... but over how many centers etc differs all over the map, I understand.
  11. hardearnedgreen

    hardearnedgreen New Member

    gandydancer , yes your response seems closest to what my B.A. said. Moreover, my route looks like it will be divvied up between a few drivers ;only one who is junior to me. If that takes place, B.A. said any affected drivers can bid in accordance with their seniority.
    Also included is:
    "When a driver's assigned delivery area is permanently changed by 50% or more of it's delivery stops, said driver shall have the right to follow the major portion of the original delivery area".
    So, it seems that if I don't have a route left, as it will be absorbed by multilple drivers; then I should be able to bid on any junior driver's portion/route. Provided I file a timely grievance(right away) if and when this proposed change takes place.
    Thanks to all.
  12. trplnkl

    trplnkl 555

    Don't be surprised if they play with you on this either. On Monday they break your route out and split it up, Tuesday same thing, Wed, your routes is back in, etc.,etc. They could keep you roller coasting all summer long.
  13. hardearnedgreen

    hardearnedgreen New Member

    Yes, I believe you are right on the money! I've already heard multiple rumors in just a few days. B.A. just said sit tight, state your intention.Wait and see.
    Seems on par; most often they make the rules as they go along.
  14. trplnkl

    trplnkl 555

    and that is why we have the grievance procedure.