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  1. we're finally going live (we're the last center of our hub to do so) and we were told that PAS supes would be loading WITH is that allowed? By the contract is this even possible? I ask because for one thing they are clearly not trained to load.

    One of them loaded a bunch of hazmats on the shelves and another one loaded an overweight on the top shelf which caused injury to a driver (as I know this driver). They yell (I could hear from from my center) at preloaders and whatnot as well. The union steward has been on their ass about that part though. Two people have quit because of these "professionals" and while I don't see that happening on my line, I think its a bit much.
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    Can you imagine the pressure they're under?? They're being told to implement this in yet another center when it has never been made to work since they first started!

    They're jobs have got to be on the line. Imagine being the guy who thought up PAS/EDD. Does he still have a job?

    It's been two years and three months here. No wonder our stock sucks. We can no longer service the customers. Misloads are out of control.

    My biggest question:

    Why do they call it Preload Assist?? It obviously doesn't help them! This would never have been acceptable before PAS/EDD. Why is it now??

    It's time to admit that PAS/EDD just doesn't work. Great idea in theory, doesn't work in practice.

  3. just to be clear I am a preloader and I agree, I don't think its going to "assist" us either (it isn't really in the other centers that are on it). While management (as they are trained to do) say you're going to love it, everything will be so much easier...its not. Anyone I know that uses it, hates it, including drivers. The only thing is more accurate stop counts via EDD. Then again I've heard that isn't always true either.

    Thing is they've blown so much money on it...they can't help but support it.

    Preload Already Sucked
    Preloaders Aren't Sorters (though a few of us know what cages things go in on the boxline, not all do, so when the tag is wrong..hello stacking on the belt)

    those are some new ones flying around the lines lately
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    The one I heard on this site before which I have told many,many people is "Paycheck Assist System." Because I know I am going to make a whole bunch more money this year. But I also am going to see my family a whole lot less.

  5. yeah I feel bad for you guys (well on the family aspect as the money is nice haha). They don't care either, I had one guy who would easily have a 12 hour day and I repeatedly told them he's heavy, the guy was like **** him he can be out til 9 I don't care if its a friday....I was like WTF? Reason being they cut the split car...geniuses. And they wonder why we pass on the driver position (they've been asking more than a few of us). I'll admit its probably only for peak, but even then I would think peak would be a newbie drivers worst nightmare...especially under PAS. :confused:1
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    First let me say it was Eskew who dreamed up PAS so you know he not going to fire himself ,but the board could{highly unlikely all insiders}Pas is not without sin but it has dumbed down yet another job, preloader.Drivers used to come in for OT on preload but now they can grab anybody that can read numbers and letters to do the job so fulltime OT went away.It now is easier for cover drivers to run a route if the truck is loaded properly and what could be the biggest gain, the piece,air and ground count probably eliminates thousands of duplicate stops per day.{ the misloads are the X factor though}Not perfect but just like papes sheets I would not go back to the old way;:w00t:
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    Just this week I was doing my pre-trip and by the time I got to the back of my truck two other drivers were unloading boxes from my 8000 sec. I asked what are you two doing and they just looked at me and then they looked at the truck number.... HELLO... They were unloading out of the wrong truck. I should have just keep my mouth shut and pulled out the buld. after they were done. hahahaha
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    "..and pulled out the buld. after they were done."

    Ya you should have!
  9. I agree PAS sounds like a great system, unfortunately this system is only as good as the people running it...and as the case in our hub its not so good. We pull off tons of PALS everyday that are incorrect and such and they don't get corrected. Also once live and our trucks routes are altered, we will have no idea what really goes on our trucks anymore = missloads. If the address and the label match up we're instructed to load it only to find the next day that we weren't actually getting that section. I knew every street that was on my truck I rarely ever got a missload or if I did it was a serviceable one (say like a high main st. stop on the low main st. truck etc.), but having us "trust the pal" (as we're often told) sounds like a recipe for disaster as far as I'm concerned.

    I've also worked in the sort isle/primary and thats where most of the problems start. The SPAs often can't keep up (not faulting them, with all those packages coming at some of them its gotta be tough sometimes) and the wrong stickers get slapped on and the sort isle sends them to the wrong center as the PALs have the color of what belt to throw them on...some packages bounce around the entire shift until they actually get where they're supposed to go. Not to mention the sort instructions for the slide on the label...those are often wrong 60 percent of the time. I have had to sort through entire cages of missorts to find maybe 4 out of 20 packages that actually belong there. I know where most of the stuff goes but not everyone does...which makes a mess and wastes our time.

    However as far as pulling anyone who can read letters and numbers....I can't imagine they load any worse than the PAS god...clueless. One of them practically had a conipition fit when I brought packages that said worcester on them but the business had moved to a place in west boylston. Swore up and down that it didn't go there because the PAL didn't have the corrected address but the shipping label did (he'd been loading this pull for 2 weeks mind you) until the PT supe for that line said yeah its in truck #whatever :thumbup1:
  10. Before pas loaders knew the load as well as the drivers. Street for street as well as the companies. I no longer ask because they have no idea. So now i can have a bulk-stop loaded in three different sections of the truck because of the pal. At least with edd you know its somewhere inside the car...maybe.
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    I am continually suprised at how "dumb" the preloader got with PAS. Suddenly they don't know the street names that go in the truck. They only know the PAL sequence, section, whatever. I was carrying a misload from my truck into another and asked the loader to put it with all the other "Main St." and she had a fit. "I don't know where that goes without the PAL. Dude, you used to do this without the PAL-what up?" Well, everyday now the "Main St." stuff is in a different section now.
    And what about the lopsided loads? My truck should be leaning right with all the stuff on that side. But I do like the stop counts and the driver knowing every stop that's in the truck.
  12. I don't know about your hub/center, but if we don't load according to PALs they supposedly will move us to a new pull or "reprimand" us (whatever that entials). We are told to forget EVERYTHING about the old way and go strictly by the label. They move sections at will, theoretically nothing has to be in the same section everyday, they can change it and we'll see 6740 on the tag, one day that may happen to be main street another day it could be elm st or something to that effect. So without the tag they very well may not have any idea where it goes. Whether that actually happens I don't know, but will come this week. Thats just what we have been told

    The lopsided loads are something dispatch has to take care of, until they change the PAL the preloader has to put it there (as at least in our building we are audited for methods) or we are spoken to.
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    from the pre-load side......we've been w/ PAS for a few yrs. and apparently there is no "back up" so to speak, if "the computer" goes down it takes the pre-load w/ it....... we've had "glitches" here and there when mgt. has tech issues, and this past week the system was down for 40min, shutting the whole operation down....... I find this very frustrating........
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    Our little hub at one point had the sort go down...I mean down no power, one badass storm. We tried putting people that were sorters b4 PAS outside the trailer to write which belt the packages went to and hoped the preloaders could pick out their stops (yeah right)...eventually we had about 30 sups from surrounding hubs come and everyone was just walking was like watching a monkey **** a football...I got 8 hours that shift and was called in to work the reload for another 4 hours something like 7 hours of overtime ooorah
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    We had something like that in a neighboring center too. Everything came to a grinding halt. Only the senior preloaders "knew" anything. They called in the drivers early to load their own trucks.
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    They would have just sent a message for a meet point and dumped it back on you at 1800
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    Here is an idea that we run with PAS that has lowered the misloads. Instead of the Route numbers on the PAL like 56A, 85B the pals and trucks are named little words like NUT and HOP and BEE. Keeps the 56A packages out of the 56B load and vice versa.
  18. yeah most of us just go by the bay number for the irreg drop. I have four cars now and they're all something like 56D, 56E etc but my bay numbers are 1-4, much easier for me to do it that way as what you said is a big problem here. Plus its on our PAS "charts" on the back doors and painted on the metal area on the belt in front of the boxline. They actually asked us if we even look at those (loop numbers) the majority of us don't.

    I've never seen such blown out trucks since being on PAS (well except at peak)...and such underdispatched ones either.