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  1. LeeboyUPS

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    I am a part time/cover driver in my current facility and have been running EARLY AM air along with air assistance to other drivers. I was told to use paycode 3C by other drivers but my managers are telling me to use 3E? Isn't 3E the paycode for Air specific drivers? Since i am not clasified as an air driver shouldn't i get the full rate? I heard the only instance for a part time/cover to get air rate is on working the saturday delivery.
  2. barnyard

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    If you are not handling any ground and you are a PT driver, unless the contract says otherwise, air rate.

    You would do well to get the contract book out and read it, including your local supplement. A grievance stating, "Because a guy on the internet said so." is not going to go very far.
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  3. LeeboyUPS

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    thanks for the quick reply
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    You need socks?
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    I do.
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    Where do I get them?
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    Good question? Start a thread?
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    Great idea!
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  11. Rack em

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    I was 3E when I shuttled air and 3C when I delivered ground as a utility driver
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    You wear socks? Since when?
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    Since I quit wearing the UPS underwear.
  14. DriveInDriveOut

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    You shouldn't really ever use 3C, you should use 4C. 3C is straight hours, no 8 hour guarantee. If you deliver ground you are guaranteed 8 hours.

    Did you sign the exception air list? If you did and you only deliver air packages, you're technically working as an exception air driver. If you didn't sign the exception air list, you could demand your cover ground rate. They'll either find an air driver to do it, or let you code yourself as a ground driver, probably the former of the two. So it's up to you whether you want to press the issue and possibly not get the hours at all, or just take the air rate.

    In my experience it's better to get off the exception air list because there's always a ground driver who wants the day off. If you're on the list they'll be calling you in for early am's all the time and you'll lose out on the chance to get a full route and ground pay that day. You gotta decide what will make you the most money in your situation.
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    I flew a G6 to a 4H meeting to pick up my W2 during Y2K.
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  16. Box Ox

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    Do you regularly work any part time inside sort? I've got a big fat answer lined up for you, which depends on the answer. This stuff can be confusing because it seems like people use different terms for same things at different locations.
  17. Dr.Brown

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