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    They are implementing a new clock in system at our hub and decided my sort would be the guinea pigs for it -_-.
    I've seen something posted about UPS having a certain amount of time to fix your check if it's wrong. How long is that? There are too many issues with this new system which is causing me to believe our checks will be wrong. The computer has our start time set at 11:30 however the belt starts and we are told to be there by 11 so that is problem 1, problem 2 is half the time you clock in and out nothing pops up confirming so you have to hope it clocked you in. Problem 3, when a couple of us went to clock out this morning a pop up showed up saying our cumulative time for the week was 0 hours. Of course the supervisor just shrugged it off and said they would get it figured out eventually.
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    Whatever my start time is on the computer, is the time I start working.
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    Keep track of your own hours. They still have the old punch clocks. Just use that and make your own time card.
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    If the start time in the computer is different than the start time you are aware of, find out from your supervisor what your actual start time is (remember who you talked to and when you talked to him/her) and be there ready to work at that time. Physically write down your start and end times every day (don't try to just remember it). Compare those times with your paycheck for that week. If there is a discrepancy, notify your full time sup to get it fixed. If it is not remedied quickly, talk to your steward.

    I still have a text file on my computer with a record of every minute I worked since I started keeping track March of last year.
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    ...unless enough of you are there and the sup wants to start early.....they will change the start time in the system if that happens...