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    I started in beginning of sep 2014 as PT loader. I noticed I was getting $11/hr from oct-feb as I took few sort tests to begin scanning on my belt. Starting in march there was a split in my wages: one for $10.10 and other was $11.00 for predetermined hours. I have not done anything different other my usual tasks that include scanning and loading packages into the air cans for 5 months straight to merit any of these changes on my paychecks.

    I did notice when I brought it up to my FT Sup (regretfully) he said at first I shouldn't even be making that amount ($11) and that it was some error code mark that they had on my paycheck along those lines. I didn't believe him one bit but what can I do, still considered new to ups. I asked him if they would deduct it into my future paychecks and he said they shouldn't and not to worry about it. Wrong. So that brings me to here..

    How do I address this issue and what can be done? Do I contact a union rep to hear my problem and will they be able to assist me? Or can I go to the billings dept in the building to address this concern? Should I be worried that, worst-case scenario, I was not supposed to be paid the $11/hr rate for all those months and I could get in trouble/pay fees lost on UPS's behalf?

    Any thoughts or advice is greatly appreciated. I have searched around the forums to find similar issues but to no avail.
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    Talk to your union steward....if a payroll mistake was made....I think they can only go back 3 months and
    deduct the overage.
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    Once you bring it to their attention, the clock starts counting down to your liability.
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    The company can only go back 90 days.
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    Do you mean that they are taking money back for the time you made $11, or that you are making $10.10 now. Here, they'd just let it go because it would show back on sups, and just pay the deserved rate of $10.10. Nobody can make below $10.10 at UPS.