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    So get this I'm a cover driver making 18.75 an hour. And on Saturdays I do :censored2: around the warehouse parking trucks yard check, etc...and I do a pickup that has ground pieces so I was getting ground rate for the whole day. I get my pay check this week and I'm getting my inside rate which is 10.50 for work done inside and my driver rate for just the 2 hours to do the pick up wtf. They said that this is how it's gonna be from now on cuz finance doesn't wanna pay me driver rate for doing warehouse work is this right?
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    All you can do is file on it. It will be straited out after
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    Are you sure? Sounds like your base classification is inside PT. And you're temp driving on the side. Inside rate for your inside work plus 3C (temp driver, no 8 hr guarantee) when you're driving ground on a Saturday sounds right to me.

    If you were reporting as an air exception driver on a Saturday and run ground, you would be entitled to ground rate for all hours worked.
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    You are being paid correctly.
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    "Cuz"? What does family relatives have to do with anything?
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    Depends on how you are classified and the contract you are working under
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    In the southern supplement 18.75 is full time with seniority. If you were only a part time cover driver your pay rate for driving should be 85% of top rate, somewhere in the $29 range. And any time worked on a day that you drove should be paid at the driver rate. Anytime worked in the warehouse on a day you did not drive should be paid at your part time rate.