peak season Harressment Humiliation and Degrading by manger HELP

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  1. I am the second to the steward in our buliding that has been run by a tyrant bitch for many years. At the start of peak season the steward and i have decided to take this into battle based on the fact of instead of her hiring us helpers she hired another supervisor and is pushing them to work ( i assume to save money and not hire) we filed a number of grivences on supervisors working and that has now stopped. Where the real problem is, is the endless harressment of the steward and i and she is for sure taking her anger out on us and infront of the others E.I threating to send us home/suspending us ect. We both know our rights and at all times calmly explain to her the contact langue. We have now filed about 3 or 4 grivences on article 37 and the harressment seems to be getting WORSE. At the begining of the day today after the meeting she said one preloader was to be late and that she WILL be using supervisors to pull packages for any of us who have a problem with that. So i told her there is no need for supervisors to work and we could call in another union member or have us pull his packages untill he gets here.

    *The good part*
    The then gets right up in my face and starts screaming at me about dont tell her who to run her business blah blah blah...i then calmly ask her why is she yelling and that she is not treating me with respect and that i dont ever raise my voice to her. She then, infront of the entire staff mind you, tells me that im right i dont raise my voice but instead argue with her in this calm soft voice and she procedes to mimick mock and imitate me and my voice and making faces at me. Intimidating me and the entire staff watching. Honestly forget the contract and ups i felt so degraded and disrepected i just wanted to flip out but i of course kept my cool. She them called me and the steward poison to the buliding threating us both

    What can be done in this situation? i feel like another grivence is obviously necessary but i felt as if she attacked me as a human being and i dont deserve to be treated like this is this an HR issue or do i bite my tounge file a grivence and continue to fight the good fight?
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    Which center do you work out of? File harassment grievances and reprisal grievances on ever action she takes, inform the NLRB and make a formal complaint to HR. If enough paper is printed the my just move her to a different spot. Read up on the reprisal laws from the DOL.
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    The only thing you did wrong was standing there and taking it. If anyone talks like that to me, I smile and wander away.
  4. Im in a small hub in New Mexico iv been talking with my union rep and he just keeps telling me file article 37 but like i said i feel as if more needs to be done. we have be fighting since the monday after thanksgiving. We have fought for proper break times as well as a few saftey issues and have won them but it is just making the hub manager more and more mad with each grivence and the harressment seems to be progressing rather than subsiding
  5. I am always calm when i argue and that seems to make her even more furious...she wants me to argue and scream at her but i am not fighting this battle that way instead i am going to keep cool and stand up for my rights
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    Your doing great thus far. But you may want to make a record to HR. then file to the NLRB
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    We had a similar case in our building. You are fortunate that she behaved in this manner in front of many witnesses. Please get employees to write out statements that they witnessed this yelling and harassment Then take as many signed witness statements as possible to HR. Call the 1-800 number and remind UPS of the zero policy towards workplace violence. Ask that a meeting be arranged and press to have your witnesses at the meeting. In our building, the Manager arrived to such a meeting physically shaking, and never bothered the employee again.
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    make sure when ever she talks to any one of you that there be another person present to be a witness. worse case scenerio film her for evidence. good luck.
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    The reason she's acting like that us she knows you're right and there's nothing she can do. Bratty children act in the same manner when they don't get their way. She's a loose cannon and eventually she'll slip up, costing her job.
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    action#1. you have witnesses.get them to sign a statement of what took place,what has taken place,any and all negative,degrading language a case on paper,take it to the union and make them put a end to it.hold onto the paperwork,you may want to seek nlrb assistance and a personal lawyer if it persists.or action#2.the next time she confronts you face to face screaming and making remarks do this.scream as loud as you can,"TAKE YOUR HANDS OFF ME"then fall to the floor and call for a ambulance all the time screaming "GET HER AWAY'",and after that let the chips fall where they may.she wanted the fight and you gave it to her.Happy holidays.
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    The first piece of advice is great, but do not try and video or record anything, it is against UPS policy and will get you fired. Camera's and recording device's are not allowed on UPS property.
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    So your saying file a false assault report? Nice.
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    Put in your grievances that you ask to have her employment terminated. That won't happen, of course, but it starts to get the attention of management members far above her head.

    Also, I would laugh uncontrollably in her face.
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    I have done this in the past(back in my younger years)it really is funny to see the expression on their face. Now I never get yelled at so I don't get the chance anymore. Now I just point out the stupidity to them and that keeps me smiling.:wink2:
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    How did the other drivers react? This would cause quite an uproar in our center. No one else stepped up, told her she can't act like that?
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    my advice -Reassure your manager that the contract, plus rest periods will satisfy the worker and satisfied workers = more productivity.
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    have another driver record a couple of these encounters and have the hall lawyers get involved. Having some video will do wonders for your situation.
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