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    why dont the union and company agree on setting peer too a lower number? because, i know more drivers with twenty-five or more years can hardly take the work and would like too enjoy the rest of life before getting hurt...
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    My best guess is that it would be difficult to get UPS to agree because it would require a larger early retirement penalty contribution from them in order to equalize the rates of investment that allow peer 80 to exist vs p82 or p84. I have also been told that for instance if you don't plan to retire for 30-35 years that you get more bang for your buck under peer 82-84, because the added contribution under p80 is all a penalty fee, not actually extra investment on your behalf. Using that analogy you could imagine how unwilling they would likely be for say p78 or p76. Even though I'd consider bailing earlier myself. JMHO.
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    Damn MC4you2, you smart!!
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    The company has no say in the pension in our local.