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    Great vid Moreluck!!! Whats funny is its her own Liberal brothers and sisters Heckeling her. I guess its not just the right that are upset with Pelosi or Obama anymore...the left is waking up too...including the Liberal media.
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    Hey, I think Pelosi is Queen of the Left Wing nuts, BUT....... I gotta give her props for standing her ground and not leaving when her aides started crying.
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    ...and yes, it's hilarious those were other left wing nuts heckling their queen!!!
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    I think someone should throw a bucket of water on that wicked witch of the west .And in the immortal words of Forest Gump " That's all I have to say about that"
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    Rhymes with "rich".
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    Left-Wing Icon Daniel Ellsberg

    'Obama Deceives the Public'

    SPIEGEL ONLINE: What about Afghanistan? Isn't that a justifiable war?
    Ellsberg: I think that there's an inexcusable escalation in both countries. Thousands of US officials know that bases and large numbers of troops will remain in Iraq and that troop levels and bases in Afghanistan will rise far above what Obama is now projecting. But Obama counts on them to keep their silence as he deceives the public on these devastating, costly, reckless ventures.
    SPIEGEL ONLINE: You doubt not only Obama's missions abroad but also his politics back home in the US. Why exactly are you accusing the president of violating civil liberties?
    Ellsberg: For instance, the Obama administration is criminalizing and prosecuting whistleblowers to punish them for uncovering scandals within the federal government …
    His violation of civil liberties and the White House's excessive use of the executive secrecy privilege is inexcusable.

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    Nancy Pelosi Will Stop Blaming President Bush When “Problems Go Away”

    “Well, it burns out when the problems go away. And here’s what the president inherited. He inherited–a deficit, when this president inherited from the Clinton administration four budgets that were either in surplus or in balance. And he turned it into a massive deficit.”
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    OK, I think she's mental!

    I heard an interview and the person asked her, "What's with blaming Bush for all the problems?"

    Her answer was, "Oh, I hadn't heard that." (she must live under a rock)

    Then he asked, "When does this blaming stuff stop?"

    She said, "When all the problems go away."

    I think it's dementia and she will pull a 'helen thomas' any day now! :dissapointed:
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    Pelosi has moved to a new office that is greener........$18,736.00 A MONTH !!! :surprised:
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    and we should thank her for spending our money so wisely.
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    She has quadrupled her office rent.......see, they don't understand cutting back on expenses. They only know how to spend, spend, spend.

    Did American families quadruple their food bills? Did American families quadruple their entertainment budget? NO, American families are all cutting back because we know that more spending will not help.

    Pelosi is unattached to THE PEOPLE and their plight. I think she's demented....especially after her statement today. She said we need climate control legislation and the oil spill is proof of that......WHAT??? Where's the straightjacket?
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    More, I think it's that SHE believes the American people are all still on the turnip truck. She said, ""It injects demand into the economy, It creates jobs faster than almost any other initiative you can name." , arguing that when families have money to spend it keeps the economy churning.
    I guess she thinks no one will realize the idea of Americans with money to spend will boost the economy is what the conservatives have been saying for years. The difference is where the money comes from.
    Someone should ask her what good it will do to put tax payers money back into their pockets if you just turn around and take it back in higher taxes.
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    After Gibbs's comments, Nancy was quoted as saying, "We have no intention of losing the house." I guess the queen has spoken !!:dissapointed: