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  1. Just found it yesterday trying to find UPS employee log in. Its hard to explain my pre-load UPS experience to friends and family. Finding this site has been good for a laugh, and information.

    I'll try to keep my new guy to UPS story short, cause I'm quite sure many don't want to hear it. I mean, its sunday right now. I must not be in my right mind to even be thinking about UPS.

    Started seasonally in peak last winter. At first was laid off more then working. I was able to keep up with flow though. It was drilled into me by my belt supervisor, sequence! Tags out! Do not misload! Took a little while, one of my first days I had 6 misloads. That wasn't good, I can do better. Realized how I was messing up and did okay from then on. Management never said much to me. Just audit the truck, tell me to bend my knees. 8 keys to lifting. 5 something something blah blah blah. Eventually I was placed on the same pick everyday. Other FT preloaders told me I did a good job. That it wasn't normal for a seasonal to be placed at a FT pick. Learned the trucks, what the drivers wanted, no big deal. I did get sick one day and called out. The person that did the pick turned out to be a supervisors son, and he had 9 misloads that day. Thanks buddy for making me look awesome! It ended at Christmas. Oh well.

    Was called in May by UPS HR. The HR person said when spring hires where considered only myself and another where considered. Of course I realize now, that UPS has a lot of fluff from management. I had a full time job at the time, but.... I think everyone goes through the thought process of benefits, maybe someday drive and get those 30+ dollar and hour checks.

    So back at UPS preload. Other FTers asked if I was glad to be back. I was once again getting laid off more then working though. Every day I was placed at a different pick. Didn't feel like I was back. And management had changed too. New people walking by watching everything I do. They like to state the obvious, this stack is for 34c route! Yeah, I know... I put it there. Took awhile, going in when they called me at 4 a.m. because others called out, having the main boss guy stand in my way. Eventually though I got the best compliment management has ever given me. That they know I know what I'm doing.

    The last month has been crazy. I did see the Christmas in July thread. Yeah... its like that. FTers going on vacation too. Everyweek I have been placed on a different pick, sometimes every other day placed somewhere different. Because I don't bitch, I don't misload, management leaves me alone now. I did mention to my old supervisor (he was still in the building working the ORION project) that being shuffled around all the time was more difficult then the preload. He said its because I'm new. Its been more mental then anything for me. Working UPS part-time everyday, then my other job full-time everyday. Summer heat and humidity etc. At the end of a week I feel like I am losing my mind. Can see white labels in my mind if I close my eyes.

    I like the end of belt pick the best. Yes those trucks are heavy, but you got the backstop and all other packages are out of the way. The spot I dislike the most is the irreg loading side right after the split. Doesn't seem bad only being two trucks. But because its two trucks they are both heavy. Splitting on a heavy flow reaches back to me, every 30 minutes I have to get a stack of stuff because it was on the wrong side of the belt. Unload gets lazy and I have to throw up irregs alone. Spend half an hour throwing up irregs and then management asks me why the 390 piece truck isn't loaded. Crazy.

    I do have a few questions I think can be answered by browsing this site. A full timer told me I don't get benefits till I work a minimum of 4 days a week consistently. I know it is 4 months and 500 to the union, but is that part true? Also wondering about progression. As much as preloading kicks ass, I don't wake at 4 and do this cause its fun. Already have an idea from some posts there is a waiting list for drivers. So, what is it I can do to get to that point? Maybe driver helper. Really, I just want to dump paychecks into a credit union or 401k and be done with all this work.

    So untill then, I'll be living the dream at UPS. Loading a truck, taping up crushed boxes, having management people I never see ask me about what a code 35 is. Its not bad, my belt supervisor has told me which of the women working there are the sluts....
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    You get benefits a year after your hire date for youself, 18 months for your family. As far as a minimum number of hours needed, I'm not sure. But I'm sure someone on here knows the answer.
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    Sure glad you tried to keep it short * I don't have that much to say after 30 years*
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    Put your name on the list for every job you might want in the future. It's done by seniority but if you're not on the list they can't take you. And sometimes it does happen where theres a need sooner than some would think and you don't want to get caught with your pants down. Unless you want to go into mgmt of course.
  5. I really did edit myself. The amount of characters from preload, drivers to management. Can't make that :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: up.

    So thank you for answering my immediate questions. Like anything else, it will take time.
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    It wont be that long in the grand scheme of things till you can post how much you hate driving.
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    Good post until the last sentence.
    This supervisor is not to be trusted and keep interactions with him guarded. If he can speak disrespectfully about female employees to you, image what kind of knife he can stab you in the back with to "the sluts".
  8. noted. Hes a younger guy, late 20's I think. He's always talking about women or something. I just say thats good and check the belt.

    And I agree, that last sentence is jarringly out of character from the rest of the post. NSA is watching so I should be careful anyway. =) .