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  1. InTheRed

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    Do you guys/gals have to deliver the stores inside of walmart seperately? You know, the vision center, the photo studio, pharmacy, bank, etc etc...? At the one we have in our town, the receiving department won't take it, and often (since it's the first stop of the day and on a route that doesn't come close to it during the day, just passes by in the morning) some of those stores aren't open (such as the bank) and courtesy doesn't like holding for them. Just curious...
  2. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND

    Yes, it is standard procedure to deliver them to the stores directly. Several of my stores at the front even have their own pickups.

    They are all independent from walmart, and walmart will not accept responsibility for them.

  3. speeddemon

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    I think it differs at each store. They will accept vision at the back, but nothing else.
  4. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND

    Your right Speed, they will take vision, but you have to leave the walmart recieving to attempt delivery, and if they are not in, take it back to recieving. I dont know about the rest of the stores, but when you have to wait 15-25 minutes for a manager to open the back door.......

    I just saved them and delivered them at 4 when I used to get the pickups in the area.

  5. atreyu

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    pharmacy and the sub shop I have to take inside...
    The walmart I deliver works great with us..Theyre always at the back door waiting for us..Unlike a superKmart I know of
  6. ups79

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    not walmart, but hated when I would get the Sam's Club bulk. One thing I kept telling myself was, "they treat all delivery drivers the same". Like a piece of ****.
  7. upsdude

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    Our building serves 5 Wal-Mart stores. All are the same, separate stops for vision, etc.
  8. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND


    You ever have to download your delivery information at sams? For years we had a printer and a clip that would slide over the diad and the delivery info would print out right there for them.

    Allways had problems with it. It seems that in many cases ups used/uses cheap stuff that does not last.

  9. ups79

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    did not have to download, though I know what you are tallking about. they only required that you brought the day before print out with you.
  10. dannyboy

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    Nah, they had to have it the same day we delivered the packages. It got so bad that even after they signed for the packages some days when the thing was not working, we would have to take them back with us and deliver them the next day.

    Glad they got all that worked out finally.

  11. ups79

    ups79 Active Member

    as a result of their behavior, I told my wife I never wanted to see a bag of shopping from Sam"s. We never have shopped there and never will. They simply treated delivery drivers terrible. What I've have seen lately, them and Walmart, don't treat their employees much better.
  12. gripitnripit

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    Barnes and Noble is the same way. Cafe, Music and Books are all seperate delivery points. Now the receiving manager is trying to get me to seperate magazines and hand truck these to corner of store room. I told him it will have to be approved by my supervisor but I'm sure the spineless jelly fish will give in. Heck hand me a price gun......where you want the new harry potter again? lol
  13. rushfan

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    Our Walmart is a pain in the a$% to deliver to. They want us to segregate every box on different pallets for different departments because they don't want to move their fat [email protected]# and do their job. One lady told me they don't accept packages over 50 pounds. After she told me that, she lifted a tv box that was heavier than 50. I called her on that, and she got pissed at me.

    I've found that many of their employees in the receiving area are lazy, only worried about their next smoke break.

    It's the same here, deliver to different businesses in the store.

    Barnes and Noble. they wanted us to cart the boxes to each department. I dumped the Sh**,got their signature, and drove off. I could see them look at me with astonishment.
  14. Jones

    Jones fILE A GRIEVE! Staff Member

    Maybe we're just lucky, but the Walmart in out town is a piece of cake, considering how much stuff they get. We just back up to the dock and start unloading, they have a set of rollers that they extend out to the truck and we just put the boxes on it and start sliding.
  15. Fredly000

    Fredly000 Just Another in Brown

    During peak I was assigned WALMART, and once I found the right BAY to back up to, they were ready, I never left the truck...
    just loaded on a pallet(s) reach up get signature... and goodbye

    Now I know of another walmart, and the bank, and doctors in house, need individual delivery.
  16. outta hours

    outta hours Active Member

    If it is different stores inside one big store it is understandable that we have to take stuff to delivery point. No different than suites inside a big office. But as far as pallet stacking, segregating,sorting their merchandise, putting it away in a closet or storeroom. No way is that our responsibility. Most people in recieving are lazy and I'm sure the more they can get you to to the better it is for them. Talk to the store mgr. and explain what you can and can't do for them. Most have no idea what goes on in the back, and how lazy their people really are. Heck the mgrs. probably think the recieving people are doing all that work that you guys are doing. And for those people in the backroom or where ever else that try to get us to do their work I say In the door and on the floor is where it goes. After that it is up to them. It is their stuff after all. Or meet them in the middle, if they will come out to the truck and help bring them in you will put it anywhere they want it.
  17. Mysterio

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    Hows it feel to serve the most anti union company in the world? I understand you must give them outstanding CUSTOMER service, but how many people shop there? IMHO if you do, you are a hypocrite that supports low wages and the outsourcing of American jobs.
  18. Jones

    Jones fILE A GRIEVE! Staff Member

    IMHO if you do, you are a hypocrite that supports low wages and the outsourcing of American jobs.

    I'm not sure where you getting this. In order to be a hypocrite you have to say one thing and do the opposite, for instance telling people not to shop at Walmart and then shopping there yourself. The simple act of shopping there does not make anyone a hypocrite, it just makes them someone who shops at Walmart.

    I was not aware that Walmart was instrumental in outsourcing American jobs, could you maybe post up a link? It sounds interesting.
  19. Fredly000

    Fredly000 Just Another in Brown

    I believe he is referring to the over abundance of crappy products imported
    for sale at Walmart, from 3rd world countries.

    As for the jobs walmart creates at its stores... well its just making jobs
    to make people more poor, with low wages and hours that force
    people into PT jobs and therefore alleviating WM from offering benis

    Try this on for size a person I know makes 16.50/hr as a line cook at dennys
    another person I know is a registered master chef at a fancy rest. and makes $8/hour

    BTW the Dennys cook, doesn't speak a word of english.

    Odd eh? and completely off topic.
  20. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND


    There are many examples of Walmart baiting businesses to expand, because they wanted the product, then when the business expanded to handle the volume, walmart came back in to set the business terms, so low in many many cases the company could not make any money. So they went out of business.

    Ever wonder why wallyworld no longer advertises it buys American when ever it can? That is why. They have run many good American owned and operated business out of business.

    Seen it here in our area several times. Then multiply that thousands of times over across the USA.

    I dont shop at wallyworld any more than I have to. If I can find it somewhere else, I go somewhere else. But it has more to do with the way our store treats the driver than most anything else.