Perseid meteor shower

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    I like your idea. We got up early Sunday morning(2am), and only saw about a dozen over 45 minutes. Had a good time & laughed a lot with kids anyway.
    We plan on trying again tonight, or Monday morning rather. Maybe about 3-330.
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    This is a composite image of several meteors taken over a 1 1/2 hour period at Georgia's highest point - Brasstown Bald.

    Perseid Showers Brasstown Bald Dec 2012.jpg
    Perseid Showers Brasstown Bald Dec 2012.jpg
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    Actually, the major downfall accurs here at Mountain time at 12 noon. Unlikely to see it !
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    Damn, clouded up. No viewing this morning in the White Mountains.

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    Same here at newfound lake. Got a good laugh, told my wife she shoulda checked that before she woke us up, got dressed all for nothing but clouds.