Picking up in lieu of delivery


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Hey everyone. I hope I'm allowed to post here even though I don't work for UPS. It seemed like the place to ask a question at though.

I'm an impatient person. Not only that, I have no problem doing things myself. I have a long awaited package that just arrived at our local UPS hub this morning, and is scheduled to be delivered to my apartment tomorrow. Is there any way I can just drive the short trip to the hub and get my package now?

I know self-pick up is an option after three missed deliveries, but how about before then? That's also a concern of mine, I have a busy couple days coming up and won't be home very much at all. I'm dreading playing UPS note tag as we keep missing each other.



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Call 1-800-pick ups and tell them you'd like the package will called. You can pick it up tomorrow evening, possibly sooner depending on your location. You will need the tracking number. If they try to tell you you must wait until the first delivery attempt tell them you'd like to speak to the local center, someone will call you back within an hour with a solution.