Pictures of The Car UPS Towed Away Last Year

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by anonymous6, Aug 15, 2009.

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    I have pics of the car that UPS towed away but can't figure out how to post. I have an ad on Reno Craigslist under cars for the 1984 Subaru GL. Have posted pics successfully in email and several other sites but for some reason can't here.

    help. want to share the pics and links but don't know how as I am fairly new to computers. can anyone add the craigslist link or show me how to add pics from my files. I tried snapfish.

    I was recently contacted by a guy from Santa Cruz who is doing a documentary on Art Cars and we sent him pics and the story about UPS towing it and he thought it was hilarious. they may be adding this car.

    The car didn't look like this when it was towed. It was a dull silver andhad the horrid remains of my first attempt to put pictures on it. This time I think I did it right and used the proper clear coat to seal them in.
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    i brought it work last week and parked it in an illegal spot near the guardshack and the new division manager was asking the guard about it and the guard ( who is a good friend ) told him who owned it. i don't know if he knows the story behind it and I wonder if he eyeballed the "QUESTION AUTHORITY" sticker on the side. ha ha
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    Did UPS ever pay for the repairs to the transmission?
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    Dizzee, you da man!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is there anything yyou can not do? LOL:wink2:
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    Is that the car number on the left front of the hood? If so, no wonder they towed it. They probably thought it was a UPS vehicle headed for the scrap heap. Talk about being on the radar, OP, sheesh! Is that a picture of you or your identical twin?
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    actually, the mechanic unjammed the mechanism for free . It only took about 15 minutes. I had him replace the front axles and he wouldn't bill me for it. after hearing the whole story.

    i posted on the other thread that a couple friends and I fixed it after an afternoon of swilling beers that it was only a quick fix that didn't quite work.

    well, i work on Saturdays so gotta go for now.

    thanks Dizzee . for letting everyone enjoy these pics.
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    You mean, Degarbage?:wink2:
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    tha's my twin from Alaska. that's why he can only work saturdays when no management is around.

    he'll fill in again when the weather gets bad on the Donner Pass once in awhile.
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    Dilli, I'm sure there are a few things you could teach me. WoooHooo. :wink2:
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    Start a list, I'll see what I can do.:happy-very:
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    Maybe Dizzee will make the Brown Cafe cruise.
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    Car came out great OP!
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    i didnt know charlie daniels worked for UPS
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    I'm thinking pictures in the "Hows the view" thread.....
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    LOL and you call yourself a mod.....................hmmpphhh:surprised::wink2:

    you know you're just gonna have to delete them!
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    You mean save to his computer, then delete them. Too bad he's not going on the cruise.:wink2:
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    I was thinking Charlie Manson.

    I don't think I'd want to run into him if I was stranded on Donner Pass and he was hungry:funny:
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    Originally Posted by Dizzee
    Dilli, I'm sure there are a few things you could teach me. WoooHooo. :wink2:

    Start a list, I'll see what I can do.:happy-very:

    Is it HOT in here? :hot:
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    You're both right. I am a Mod.

    Please email me the pictures, and I will study them and decide if they can be posted.