PIP'ed to Death !

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    Did anyone hear about the guy from the CRIS system who died. I hear they put him on the PIP and he died of a heart attack. Now his Widow is suing UPS for wrong-full death and UPS'ers are volunteering to testify in her behalf.
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    What is PIP?
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    PIP Personal Improvement Plan. In many industries every employee has a Personal Improvement Plan it is your plan of what you intend to do to to make yourself better take courses take on more responsibilities whatever.

    At UPS when they want to reduce payroll expenses in a given department they look at the last person who joined a group or the higher grade level people and they put them on the PIP. It has absolutely nothing to do with your abilities, so many people have been forced through this that the pattern is unmistakable. It is extremely stressful and totally demeaning they are telling you that you don't know what you are doing and you have to improve yourself but they do absolutely nothing to help you. In fact they will tell your co-workers not to help you in any way. At some point after several weeks of unbelievable stress they will offer you a demotion or call security to escort you out of the building if you refuse. I am guessing that this guy died before they had the opportunity to offer him a demotion.
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    That is a cruel post by you 2029. May God have mercy on you. I wish the moderator would take this post down. I hope you can live with yourself.I havent heard this from anyone on the floor, so i dont believe this to be true. i will ask H/R on Monday. Your credibility is on the line.
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    Isfriendly you need to apologize to 2029.

    Made a couple phone calls to people WITHIN CRIS now and other factions of billing - they gave a name and what is going on.

    Legit 100%
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    Sounds like just another day at UPS to me ...
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    This may very well be but does that make his death any less tragic? (Or your insensitivity any less glaring?)
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    Our prayers to the family. Such a terrible situation.
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    ISFRIENDLY is a G & A portfolio shill. Anything he says will always be in defense of G & A. I truly believe he gets paid to monitor Brown Cafe and comment on any posts negative to G & A.

    G & A employees put on PIP for no particular reason. Na, that's impossible.

    Sincere condolences to the family...:sad-little:
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    2029guy---glad to see u are still around---
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    Never said it was less tragic. Just saying that the behavior UPS showed is nothing new. I see it happen every day to dozens of people. First time I've ever seen it kill someone, but there have been many instances of people having a nervous breakdown or other stress related illnesses.

    The new UPS doesn't give a flip about their people ... You're just a number on a report. I can't believe this is still shocking to people.
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    If anyone knows the name of the Lawyer could you please post it.
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    I am a Moderator and this message is a communication regarding the TOS.
    Brown Cafe does not allow the posting of advertisements, especially lawyers ... a PM is fine though.
    If it is posted, it will be removed and a warning given to the poster.
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    check your pm - never used this guy however a few people I know did
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    How much does Don pay you for this service. I hope you are getting lots and lots of money because is is going to take a lot of soap to wash you hands.
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    This was intended for ISFriendly sorry I am not a Brown Cafe Guru.
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    and no word or apology from ISFRIENDLY...I wonder if ISFRIENDLY is really RJ...hmmmmmmmm
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    don't hold your breath LOL
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    I always hold my breath when I am around people like ISFRIENDLY.
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    Sorry, after looking back it seems that it was isfriendly that made the post I was referring to. This whole thing has me so upset. I can't believe they did this they actually killed someone. They are going to say that they were just following orders. That's what the Germans said when they marched them through the prison camps.

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