Placing the Billion

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by peacock71, Jan 31, 2003.

  1. peacock71

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    So...any speculation here on what UPS will do with the $1B returned by the IRS? I would like to see it invested myself, maybe in an acquisition to expand our supply chain positions....others may like it paid out in a dividend, but it would still be taxed again, or maybe that's the deal...any thoughts?

    Go UPS!
  2. johnny_b

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    I guess it is out of the question that a bonus could go to ... say ... me?
  3. over9five

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    I'd like a new two-wheeler...
  4. archibald

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    [​IMG]I got it!! a ups monster truck team to compliment our NASCAR team!! I will drive the truck at drivers pay if they will give me the billion to put it together!!! dont laugh, I would do it in a heartbeat! here is my rig, we can paint it brown and make it bigger in no time with the funds!!! I hope UPS advertising is listening because this will be big!!
  5. dannyboy

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    Is that the mechanic in the red?

    Cute kid. Its fun to do things with your kids that both can enjoy!

  6. kidlogic

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    Yes me and my children dress like super heroes and search the city for evil doers bad you mean the truck thing dont bad[​IMG]

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  7. archibald

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    [​IMG]Laugh if you must but you are all jealous because I have a mechanic/power-ranger at my disposal!!!!!![​IMG]
  8. archibald

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    Did I mention who the crew chief will be??
    thank ya, thank ya very much!!!
  9. dannyboy

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    Hey that looks like the guy that showed up to be my helper this year![​IMG]

    And yes I am jealous. Where can I get my mechanic one of those power ranger outfits. MAybe it would help him some....maybe.