Plausible or impossible?

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    When finishing up my last truck tonight (friday) a guy i work with came into my truck to help me finish and starts rambling on about some rumor he heard that my hub is gonna get rid of the nite sort, get rid of PT employees on the nite and twi....make the highest seniored ppl who want the job FT, and work it like that....i thought about it for a second and said, it would make no sense just because your payroll will effectively double atleast because of the fact that those FTers will be starting out at a higher wage than a PTer (and even higher if their wage is higher than the starting wage) and then soon enough be at 28/hr or w/e the FT rate is for inside workers. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask if they need some info to make a reply or of someone in or retired from management would care to comment about how a move liek that would save the CO any money at all and how they could do something like that please enlighten me. And when i say they want to get rid of the nite sort i mean, basically lose all those PTers volume wise, obviously some of the PTers on the night would have enough seniority to take a FT job.

    I guess what it boils down to is, do i have to start shopping for a new job (sincei know i wouldn't be able to get one of the FT jobs) or is the manager/ sup just blowing smoke out that told the guy that told me? Also he said they wouldn't do it till Aug...
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    Night sorts exist for two main purposes. Consolidation of package and service.

    Since UPS volume distribution changes over time, operating plans can change and night sorts can get added or closed.

    Twilight sorts can't just close with an operating plan change like night sorts. The package cars have unloaded on a twilight.

    I'm not aware of any building closures on the horizon.

    As far as converting a part time twilight to a full time twilight. That's not being considered anywhere.

    I think the person who spoke with you probably heard a rumor that they were looking at closing the night sort. This kind of evaluation takes a lot of time because plans have to be made for where the inbound volume goes. Feeder schedules have to be written and people have to be hired.

    I'll bet things will stay as they are.


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    I've been hearing this rumor at my hub for 7-8 years. Never came to fruition. Don't worry about it. The company loves having more part-timers and less full-timers so I doubt they would add full-timers on their own without union pressure.
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    More FT jobs would definitely be a good thing , but from reading your post, it doesn't make much sense. If your building retained the TWI and NIGHT sorts then FT jobs would be plausible (but highly unlikely given UPS's stance on FT).

    TWI sorts for the most part process the volume brought in by the package centers of that particular building.

    NIGHT sorts for the most part process volume for the entire district and feed that volume to all the preloads in that district.
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    1 year later...I remember hearing something like this a month or so ago. Syracuse keeps taking Buffalo's night volume. I think they definitly wanna toss the night sort, but who knows.