Politicians threaten to pull plug on UPS contracts

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    Politicians threaten to pull plug on UPS contracts - Forum Newsgroup

    City and state officials fired back against the United Parcel Service’s firing of 20 Queens drivers this week by threatening to cut contracts that save the company tons of cash.

    A UPS spokesman said the threats of revoking city and state contracts with the delivery company would in return impact the lives of even more workers.

    “UPS appreciates its business with the New York public offices,” he said. “Ultimately if that business is reduced or eliminated, the result will be reduced need for UPS employees to serve the pick-up and delivery requirements of City offices, potentially impacting the livelihoods of the many local UPS employees that did not join in the illegal work stoppage.”
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    Apparently UPS never heard of the expression you don't mess with city hall :wornout: .