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    I was hired as a seasonal driver for peak, and it looks like they gonna keep me as a driver because my manager said we gonna need to talk with you about a position , i ve been told to count my days and ask for Saturdays air driving so i will have enough days to get in the union, but I dont really understand this union thing. Back in October on the orientation we`ve been told we need to work around 40 days in 80 days to get in the union I dont remember the exact numbers. Anybody know the exact numbers that I need to get in the union? And how many days do i have to get the days I need? What if i cant make it in time because the other drivers said I`m gonna work only a 2-3 days after peak. I`m thinking about this every day cause I really need this job!
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    Welcome to the cafe skid,the truth is,every town every city every hub,has a different contract that
    differ a lot from place to place.My advice is to talk/make friends,with other drivers in your center.
    Get a copy of the contract from your shop steward.Management will seldom give you concrete answers
    to anything you ask them,and asking 5 supervisors the same question will produce 5 different and often
    laughable answers.
    Good luck.
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    I`m on it. A driver said he will introduce me to our local union guy, so he will answer all my questions, but I didn`t see the guy on friday, probably he was off.
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    Good man,talk to the old farts,they will face you in the right direction.
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    I would bet that they are going to tell one of two thing 1. they have a position for you but it's a pt time preload or local sort position. 2. We liked what we saw we have a casual drivers spot for you this summer to help cover vacations.

    I don't see them keeping you as a FT driver especially when the next couple of weeks is when they start temporary layoffs because of volume dropping out.

    However if they do offer you a driver position good luck.
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    He built your hopes up and when I talks to you he is going to steer you to a PT position with the promise that you could cover in the summer and at peak until a FT position opens.

    Your post makes it appear that he has already hooked you.
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    Keep working and make sure you are paying dues. This is important. Play the (nice guy) game and if you have enough time in you can grieve it.