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  1. So today there was a broadcast about reporting all post office drop boxes with will be removed notices to be reported. Anybody have a clue what's goin on? My post office drop box is pretty productive. Really don't understand the reason for removing it. Manager wouldn't give me a straight answer
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    I'm still trying to piece together your first sentence....
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    Was told last week all post office boxes are being removed because their presence gives fedex an unfair negotiating position for a new contract. Mine was gone last week. An unproductive one. Perhaps they just took away unproductive ones for show.
  4. What contract would that be?
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    Fedex has a contract with USPS. In a nutshell we fly some of their mail in exchange they allow us to place our drop boxes at USPS locations. The contract is up. Go back a little on this board and you'll find a thread on it.
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    Earlier press releases back in June indicated all 5000 USPS Fedex drop boxes would be removed. Ours have gone. I understand that efforts will be made to locate new ones as close to the post office locations as possible.
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    What a pain for the customer. Many small towns had an established productive box b4 the placement of boxes at the towns PO. Those boxes were pulled to make the new boxes productive. Now we are going back in to pull or relocate those boxes. I think it's about 450.00 a pop to place or remove a box.
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    Our post office is two doors down from the station, and the box at the post office usually has between 20 and 30 packages a night. The box in front of the station has maybe 5 or 6 a night. It's convenient for customers to drop their mail and fedex off at the same time. Hopefully they realize how close the station is to the post office. I have spoken to residential customers who have asked where the station is and are amazed when I tell them it's right around the corner, many are confused because the ground station is about an hour away.