Postal worker dies from being mauled by 5 dogs


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Owners should definitely be charged.

If you can't train, control and properly house an animal...

You shouldn't be allowed to own it.

Same with kids.



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What kind?
SOG Flash II
It's black. Wife got it for me.

It fits in the right pocket and has the clip that, essentially, announces. "I have a knife"
I see these everywhere.

For all intents and purposes, it's what I use to replace gladhand washers.......

Prepared helping.


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....but since I typically don't replace gladhand washers when I'm not at work it might come in handy for other things.

"never know" helping.


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This is why I always carry a knife.

Prepared helping.
I very often see mail carriers open carrying pepper spray. I think it's issued to them. I've heard many times that doing so at FedEx will get you fired.

It speaks volumes as to how an employer regards it's front-line workers when they are forbidden to carry a non-lethal deterrent that could save their life from a horrible death.

And I carry a knife. The idea would be to make the dog bleed out before I do.


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we have a hand held boat horn.
very effective for bears, coyotes, dogs in yard etc.
An article mentioned that a neighbor fired a gun in the air to scare the dogs. Didn't work.

When a pack of dogs are in a frenzy, I believe that nothing short of direct, overwhelming physical violence will stop them.