Volume shortage


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Like Bruce Willis said in “The Last Boyscout” the sky is blue, water is wet and women have secrets, add in another truth, UPS is a duplicitous company that only cares about profits.
That’s why they are alright hiring chomos and at the same time advertising “truckers against human trafficking” as long as there is an able body they don’t give a Fahq


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Is anyone else experiencing the proverbial volume shortage? I live in florida where everyone and their third cousin is moving here. Communities, houses, and apartments are going up left and right. Footprints are larger and Thursdays have always been a heavier day here and now routes are being cut. loops 10+ miles away from each other are getting smushed into one almost every day. last 5 weeks they asked who wanted to take the week off.

Just looking to see if anyone else is experiencing this.
My route has gone up from 130 stops to 170 but that’s probably bc I run all day like a slave headed North. Most of the junior drivers in my center have second jobs so when we’re offered the day we take it.


Sorry, but I don’t care.
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You can’t do that on here. FU