Pot of Gold At the End of the Redneck Rainbow!


Thats an Ontario Canada beer store,we aint rednecks we`re hosers.A place where the girlfriend knows that if the hockey game`s on,even that sexy neglige`will only get comments like,I`ll be in right after Don Cherry and coaches corner,theres 3 minutes before the second period.
Here you can only get beer at "THE BEER STORE"...well the liquor store has a small selection.In a way we are somewhat more civilized than our southern friends,if you could only get beer in beer stores there,they`d probobly sell firearms as well.Not that theres anything wrong with that:wink:


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I have done a lot of traveling all over, and believe me, rednecks are everywhere! You can call us any name that you want, but we're all the same. Technically, anybody who works out in the sun qualifies.:laugh:


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You're right Scratch but thanks to our hometown hero Mr. Foxworthy, we celebrate it! Southerners might be many things and have our many faults but we love to laugh at ourselves and enjoy it even more when others laugh with us.

Ever thought how much better the world might be if we didn't take ourselves so serious and just made an effort to laugh more? Sure is hard to hate someone when you're both laughing together!