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Discussion in 'UPS Information Technology' started by Dfigtree, Jun 14, 2008.

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    To all the folks who are planning to put up with "whatever" in order to retire with great riches, I ask this question ...
    Do you feel lucky?

    Do you think you will be lucky enough to stick it out until retirement?

    Do you think you will be lucky enough to leave with your mental health in tact?

    Do you think that you will be lucky enough to have an adequate pension plan to support you ?

    Do you think you will be lucky enough to have a retirement medical health plan that is worth a darn?

    At the end of the rainbow there may be a pot of gold ... or one of sand.

    Are you feelin' lucky, punk?
  2. Dfig:

    based on your Jimmy V. avatar I can see there may be some deeper significance to your post. Let me know....

    As an 'OLD' Timer...I know I did OK on the above with one addition....DIVERSIFICATION.

  3. DFIG:

    I never stuck it out too much, the first few times it was chopped off.


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    What I was wondering about is this ...
    You and those who retired before you, and a few after you, retired with megabucks. The men and women who are posting on this board are IMHO not going to retire with megabucks. Based on the posts, I have to wonder why anyone under the age of 50 would "hang in there". I suppose, if you are feeling lucky, you can hang in there 'til retirement and get the promised megabucks but you have to ask yourself this question: Are ya feelin' lucky?"
  5. I feel lucky to have had some sense and work with some very good financial advisors who got me to diversify faster than my original plan.

    I would still feel lucky if I had no UPS stock, a lot less money, and still had my family, my health, and some other philisophical necessities of life like, like Springsteen, the Yankees, and a good day of fishing, hiking, or golf.

    You gotta work the big picture....

    Go UPS!
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    The stock price is dropping below my age and your IQ. This could be trouble.
  7. My IQ is a lot lower than that....so there! Its almost CEO level.

    Go UPS!
  8. Monkey Butt

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    Definitely dropped below mine but now it's back above ...but just barely.