Powell doubts Obama stimulus

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by brett636, Jul 3, 2009.

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    Has Powell flip flopped back to a Republican?
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    the poor general is suffering from battle fatigue......again.
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    I think Powell recognizes poor leadership in action. I thought his endorsement of Obama was a political stunt to get in on the popularity of Obama at that moment.
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    If it was a political stunt, he's stuck with it and with a first name like his, he matches the :censored2:-head we have for a leader.:surprised:
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    Shawn Ritenour who teaches economics at Grove City College said:

    When Stimulus Does Not Stimulate

    Professor Ritenour's op-ed might prove interesting in light of recent admissions the earlier stimulus failed to work and the talk of a possible new one. BTW: for the record, what Obama is doing economically is not all that much different from what McCain would have done. Benacke and the House of Goldman Sachs is running the economy and has been so why would the other political party make any difference? Also if you give just a moments thought to the whole economic process, you'll quickly realize that democrats believe in "trickle down economics" to, they just do a better spin job at hiding it.

    And speaking of F Ups and economic chaos, we'd be amiss to not mention the housing crisis and how this has all played into this chaos. In Dale Steinreich's 75 Years of Housing Fascism Dale takes a historical trip down memory lane and I can understand on the front end how some would be upset as seeing this as turning over their political apple cart and that's true enough but open the mind and look a bit closer. Does this picture start to come into play a little better.

    Wall Street and Wall Street banking interests killing various means of competition using their gov't access and control of legislation/regulation process? Between the S&L's, Credit Unions, small and mid-sized banks and various mortgages business', the Wall Street banking cartel/monopoly has done a pretty good job over the last several decades of "making themselves to big to fail" while the other players in the game are forced to fade away or by regulation barred from entering the market as competition so the "to big to fail" aren't exposed to potential losses. In the noble drive to protect the common good, we literally threw ourselves right into their own briar patch?


    The worse part about big gov't is the naivete that the common man controls it and that this mechanism will keep evil at bay.

    You are the poor mouse, and the unseen hand holding your tail is gov't and who is the hand feeding?

    Rattlesnake feeding-C.m.nigrescens

    True free markets don't use force or fraud (that's called theft) and never require a hidden hand to benefit. If is does, it's not true free markets, hence the term "FREE" and it's got nothing to do with the price.
    :peaceful: which is also another requirement in being a true free market.