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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by pappy234, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. pappy234

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    i've have viewed this site for awhile and i finally decided to register. i have been working pre load at ups for a lilttle over a year. my question is does anyone else's nose get all cut up inside of it because of all the dust and stuff that goes through the air in the warehouse.
  2. No, just my hands
  3. dillweed

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    pappy234 - thanks for coming out of hiding.
    Your nose is just drying out from the dust and probably more blowing. Try taking a small amount of plain vaseline and putting it gently in each nostril. Best to do it after you've blown the gunk out after your shift. It should start to feel better real quick. Post again! dw
  4. pappy234

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    hey dillweed thanks for the tip. im gona try the vasoline this week
  5. Fishbulb

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    yep, its from all the dust. UPS is a filthy place to work, everyday when I go home & blow my nose it comes out black. I usually do it in the shower so my nose doesnt dry out