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  1. If there are any pre load sups in here reading this maybe you can answer this for me. Why would you listen to your crap for brains loader who claims there to be only 90 stops in a truck. Instaed of listening to the driver who can take one look and give you a more accurate stop count. Stop count sheet said 90, I glance counted 120, ended up with 124. Plus an extra 16 which took me two extra hours. Blind in the dark with no map. They need to stop hiring these idiots off the street and give pre load sup jobs to people with some sort of experience.
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    Thats because the sups know it all!! We the drivers dont know anything about our jobs, we need to be told what and how to do it!!!
  3. scratch

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    Don't worry,
    PAS/EDD will fix it all!:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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  5. Are you being sarcastic or will PAS really fix this? Ive heard nothing but negative stuf about PAS. It will suck for me I assume, I do about 120-140 stops in a tight area. only 40 miles.
  6. loserupser

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    dont worry your stopcount will go UP youll probably go up to 165 stops a day, and what ever you do dont skip your lunch
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    PAS will definitely fix it for you -- You'll be bumped up to 160 stops since you won't spend more than 3 minutes all day sort and load time and as an added bonus you'll spend time every day trying to peel lables off the barcode so you can scan and end up tearing the label as well so you have to type that 18 digit in manually and then do it all over again cause you're in ABC mode. Then you'll have at least 2 stops that aren't yours -- well, they are according to the pal label, but they really aren't once you look at the real label. Then you'll laugh heartily as you figure it'll take you at least another half an hour running these around in the dark. Don't forget to wave to your fellow driver as you pass each other.
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    Megansman understands PAS quite well!
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    UPS has a policy of promoting from inside. So they more than likely gave an internal offer to everyone, no one wanted to do it, then they throw someone off the street into the deep end, and they get grilled for it. Then they quit and the cycle repeats. Go up to supervisor if you don't like it. See what they have to deal with.
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    They dont give a damn as long as the pkgs are out of the building.
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    Dispatch w/pas edd can all be done correctly now with a computer, there is no need for any driver knowledge, monkeys could now do our deliveries.
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    Out of 50+ preloaders only one was interested in a part time belt sup job... Very few want to deal with the head ache... We have gone through about 6 to 8 pt time supes, three full time supes and three center managers in the last two years...
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    I'm submitting my letter of intent for supervisor tonight, and I'm a bit hesitant. I want to be able to call in sick when I feel like studying or watching monday night football or spending a night with the woman, I want the security, but at the same time, I kinda want the challenge and something to put on my resume.

    I have the choice between shift sup and shift trainer, and I'm opting for the latter, just go through the packets with noobs, act as a charge-hand, and stay outta sight from the manager.
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    Shift Trainer??? I have a feeling there is a a 50% chance you could get that as we have not had one in two years... The PT Safety Supe acts as a a shift trainer or the PT Belt Supes are stuck doing it...

    God forbid the add a shift trainer to payroll...

    As I think about it... The SPA/Data people had their own Supe for about three days last year and have yet to replace that person... I think they just piled that on the unload supe...
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    I'm applying for that vacancy, and I'm not taking anything else. I wouldn't mind staying union.

    We're a hub/centre mix, so all I would do is act as a liase with rooks, go through the packets, and again, act as a charge-hand when no training has to be done.
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    The PAS/EDD system will give you more stops and will mess up your loop. It didnt help San Francisco building and today still not prefect. Different stop count everyday... And will not count apartment buildings multiple stops.