Predictions on the future of James Holmes

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by btrlov, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. btrlov

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    Will he face the death penalty or life imprisonment , will he kill himself or will he me summarily executed by inmates or victims families?thoughts

    I think this case will turn into a debate on the death penalty and does it apply even after its banned
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I think he should receive the same sentence he imposed as judge and jury upon his innocent victims.
  3. moreluck

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    My first thought on seeing the title of this thread was....."Who cares?" He'll never see the light of day!
  4. btrlov

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    I said the same thing until I read the that a 6 year old girl was shot dead. I have a child the same age but I live in a state where there is no death penalty. I always thought if the crime was heinous enough would a state legislature intervene and overturn it previous ban or its judicial rulings
  5. ajblakejr

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    He will meet the same fate as Jesse Anderson because he planned it.

    Google Jesse Anderson and Jeff Dahmer in the same search.
  6. Jones

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    Jared Loughner was diagnosed with schizophrenia, it wouldn't surprise me at all to find out that Holmes has some similar form of mental illness in which case he will probably send the rest of his life in an institution.
  7. TUT

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    To be honest our death methods are to humaine. I'm for mid-evil methods of torture first. Also the age of the victims don't matter to me, everyone is equal. With our current methods he should definitely sulk in it for a while and then commence be put to death, perhaps a few false alarms on his way down the row, call him back a few times. But hey that's me, I'm no pusillanimous about criminals in a manner like this. Why should I have to be? I never understood why these people need protections, they are basically dead.
  8. The Other Side

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    I still want to know why WHITE MEN who mostly make up mass shootings in this country get the benefit of being called too crazy to know what they are doing and minorities who shoot a couple of people are called animals, monsters, criminals, gangsters and never are they referred to as mentally unstable?

    Why because he is WHITE does he get a pass from being called a monster, animal, terrorist, gangster or even criminal?


  9. Baba gounj

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    Because the MSM says so.

    That Holmes guy is guilty of murder
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  10. cachsux

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    He did not go to shoot an ex-girlfriend in a fit of rage. That would be murder. He attacked a public place to kill as many as he could at random. That is domestic terrorism. That should fall under federal law and being a terrorist towards his own country it should carry the same penalty as treason. Give him a fair trial. Give him a quick death.
  11. soberups

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    As long as he never walks free again, I could care less what happens to him. Whether by execution, murder at the hands of a fellow inmate, or old age....he will be dead within 50 or 60 years at the most and at that point God will deal with him. Sooner or later, he will pay for what he has done.
  12. ajblakejr

    ajblakejr Age quod agis

    I called him a Domestic Terrorist from the start.

    And why is there so much Black on Black killings in Chicago?
    (Tell us what your Black president from Chicago has done to address that issue or is it because THOSE people can't afford a private audience with him because they can't [pony up 45,000 a plate?)
  13. moreluck

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    It sure wasn't the gen'l population that used "white Mexican" in a recent story.
    MSM did that!
  14. soberups

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    The shooter in the Virginia Tech massacre was Asian, and the Washington DC Beltway sniper was black.

    Next question?