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    So at my small center I work local sort but I was put in the office and I basically do pm sup duties. We have no pm sup at our center. Its only two of us, I also cover the customer counter because we don't have anyone to do that either. The other person who works local sort and I were both hired on the same day back in March of '10. I recently found out that the preloader is making 50 cents.more than us. We have been there for 2 yrs and 9 months and he has only been here for 1 yr and 7 months. I didn't think thoes was fair at all. So I started asking drivers from other centers if they knew if this was right or not. I was told preload was going to get a 50¢ raise because its a skilled job. But our preloader only unloads the trailers, he does not load the package cars because our center is a driver dispatch center. The reason I'm so upset is because I do so much more than he does and have been here a lot longer and I don't think he should get paid more than me. Like I said I work the customer counter, I also in-bound and out-bound, scan all next day air, I do look ups and address corrections, I upload and download the drivers diads, I also close and open scanners so they are ready for the next day,I send off all cod turn in envelopes and asd labels, I have to deal with customer complaints and answer phone calls, m-th I scan and help load the feeder trailers at nite. And to top it off I do the fuel and oil, and the gss updates when needed and I cover preload if needed, but when I do I don't get that extra 50¢. So how does some one who just unloads a trailer and has been here less get paid more then me??? So my question is, who do I talk to or what can I do about this? I'm sure many of u would say to talk to my managers. But I have no pm sup and the am sup is never any help. I also feel that she favors the pre loader because they work together everyday. I really hope that someone can help me out with this.
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    You sound like you do more supervisor work than hourly work. Which are you?
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    Pretty much all preloaders get the skilled dollar raise. It's a reward for getting up at 3-4 am.
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    If you work preload hours you should get paid the correct pay for your years of service per preload rate. Period! It seems you do way more than most p-timers but to get that pay you need preload classification, pay code.
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    BrownHavok, while your line of reasoning is true, one of the drawbacks of union bargaining is that we are not a merit system. How hard you work or any extra miles you go to get things done are entirely irrelevant, the only thing that matters is your hire date. In addition, preload gets an extra $1 / hour over local sort.