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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by gostillerz, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. gostillerz

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    Hi everyone. I'm working preload at one center, and saw an opening for a full time driver at a center 20 miles away. Can I transfer? I'd ask my center manager, but he left, and we may not even get another. I really don't want to ask the PT supes. Thanks.
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    I wanted to do the same thing, as I moved 15 miles more away from my center, and currently live 10 minutes away from the New Stanton hub here in PA. I used to live only 15 miles away from my center, took me 20 minutes to get to work, now it takes me 2 gallons a day, 70 miles round trip, and 40 minutes to get to a place that's not worth all of that. BUT, I'm already in as a reg temp (havent been used yet, but I'm still in) so I can't transfer. My center manager told me that you would have to quit and get rehired at a different center. It's all about the seniority, as with everything. Say you have 10 years in and you go in to a different center to drive and you bump everyone 9.99 years and below. Seniority doesn't transfer for one, your sick and personals might? I don't know, at least here you can't transfer and take your seniority. Not worth starting over if you've already had some time in. If you're concerned about not driving at your center, be patient. It takes a while to really be in-in. But it's worth it. Good luck
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    I'm in Aliquippa. I only have 4 months seniority, so I don't really have much to lose I hope, but the center and my local is in New Castle. The place is small (30 drivers), and here it can take long time to go FT. I'm 29 and really can't wait 5+ years (my back will be shot before I get a chance to kill my knees). My center manager Dave just transferred to New Stanton this week. He's a cool guy. He got us a big doughnut/bagel/coffee spread every Friday.

    BTW...Go Pens, Go Stillerz
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    I'm not trying to put you down, but depending on how big your center is and how many people work there, with only 4 months seniority ANYWHERE that'll be quite an achievement to get a full time driving bid, as that's what anyone who wants to drive, aspires for. Good luck!
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    The only way to transfer is and educational transfer. If it's only 20 miles away or so, then your chances are slim to none. They usually promote the new drivers from inside the building. If they don't have anyone who wants to drive (can't imagine that unless it's a tiny building, then they'll look at the master transfer list that a lot of centers put up, but those are guys who are already drivers who want or need to move. From there, they can use the 5-1 language in the contract and move a pt supervisor into driving or hire off the street. I don't know that there is a precedence for a hub hiring drivers from a different building, but I most certainly could be wrong. Good luck!
  6. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    I wouldn't bother.

    Though I strongly advise all part-timers who whish to drive to sign their names on every bid and also begin to drive on saturdays!

    Driving 20 miles (40 both ways) seems like a waste of gas money, especially with no juice, so its highly unlikely that you'd get the bid.

    But otherwise, anything local just keep putting your name up. Evetually (maybe not in the near future, but future) you'll get there with seniority.

    Did I mention drive Saturdays?
  7. hungrydude5

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    YES! I forgot to mention saturdays. If you do in fact get some sort of bid, more than likely reg-temp, drive saturdays, if you aren't "forced" to drive saturdays in the first place. That's the only time I drive is on saturdays, it's kind of a bummer that it's the only time I'm needed as anyone higher up doesn't want to work on saturdays. It gets you experience, both with the vehicles and your delivery area. Now mind you, it's not like a regular work week. You'll have one or two areas to deliver and maybe a total of 20 stops or so, 26-28 packages maybe. BUT the deal is, not all stops are next to each other on saturdays. They are stretched out. you'll have one right down the road from your center then have to drive another 5 miles for another stop, so and and so forth. It's fun, it's extra money, it's experience, don't turn it down.
  8. freeloader

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    As an ex-UPS employee, I have to say that their transfer policy is horrible. It seems like it is designed to force you to quit and get re-hired which means you have to start over as a brand new employee. Even if you do fit the tight criteria for a transfer (education, trailing spouse, etc) you still have to jump through hoops.

    Then the process is backwards when it comes to managers. They are almost forced to transfer/relocate whenever UPS wants them to. Turn it down without a very good reason and your career just hit a brick wall.

    You would think that a company like UPS with 300,000 + employees would have a better transfer policy. Especially when most hubs, centers are always looking for part-timers. Full-timers (drivers) might be a little more complicated.

    My dad used to work for Fedex as a mechanic and he transferred to another state no problem.
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    Well, like I said, it all comes down to the seniority, as with anything in this Brown company. More often than not, seniority is your best friend 99% of the time, the other 1% where you are ready to take on a bid position and then all of a sudden someone with a day ahead of you gets it, it bites you in the ass.
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    I was just thinking that if it was posted on the site, that no one had put in a bid.
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    confused face?

    maybe it's an outsider bid? I'm not on top of the whole online hiring thing, that was 4 years ago, I forget. I'm not HR :wink2: :happy-very:
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    gostillerz, how long does it take to go full time in New Castle? I work in Youngstown and am just curious how many years it is there. I heard it's much shorter than the 10-12 year wait here.

    Like you, I'm 29 and I fear my back will go before the knees have a chance to.

    BTW, Go Steelers.:happy2:
  13. UPSGUY72

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    You can transfer if the other center is in the same local. Otherwise your our of luck. unless you quit and get hired at the other center.
  14. helenofcalifornia

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    Instead of talking to us about it, why don't you go talk to the center that you think has the driver position open. If there is an opening and you can't transfer, I would quit the center I currently work if I knew I was guaranteed that job.

    And it's not your back that's going to give out, it's your shoulders!