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    Finally, we know what President Obama’s initials stand for! He’s the Boo –Hoo president! OK, that’s a little cheesy, but seriously, have we ever had a whinier leader of the free world? Most recently, and quite ungrammatically (it was not scripted into the First Teleprompter), he whined that his opponents “talk about me like a dog”. This doesn’t even make much sense, but is consistent with the woe-is-me tone of this president, who has complained about attacks from the right and the left, and couched nearly every major address with an extreme whine about taking over the White House during tough times. Just for the record, he did want the presidency, right?

    Here’s why Americans have fallen out of love with President Obama: they feel snookered. He has not delivered his promised good faith effort to heal a wounded country. He has not brought transparency to government and he has ignored the priorities of the people. Most important, he has not been truthful with Americans, and they know it.

    President Obama seems to be a very confused individual. He says “We were handed a $1.3 trillion deficit when we walked through the door”, but actually the deficit in 2008 was only $455 billion. That figure included the first stimulus package of $300 billion. The deficit in 2007 was $163 billion. He says that Bush “cut taxes, especially for millionaires and billionaires”, but in fact Bush removed 5 million low-income families from the tax roles. The bottom tax rate was 15%; Bush reduced that to 10%. The child tax credit was raised from $600 to $1,000.

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    I really love it when the dems who hold both houses of Congress can't pass one of his bills and he places all the blame on the republicans.
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    Yeah, and we want the keys back !!
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    not to mention he didnt just walk in the door but instead had been a key member of the most economocally destructive congress in history.
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    119 times a year ? Hubby golfs 4 times a week........ Boener's golf would be like twice a week....maybe Sat. & Sun? Maybe he works Mon-Fri and golfs Sat & Sun like tons of people do.

    Get over it.
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    [​IMG]Thank you, Miss Spell
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    [​IMG]Associated Press
    “Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters,” a picture book, will be published by Random House Children’s Books on Nov. 16, two weeks after the midterm elections.