Problems in the load?

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    I'm a loader and I was hired during peak as temporary, but they kept me I'm assuming because I'm a good loader. They switch supervisors locations after every peak season at my hub, so I got a new sup. my previous sup loved me, and now this one i really can't tell. He puts me in trailers with the 2 worst oldest guys on our PD(sorry. It's just true. They are old and don't care about their load quality.) it's a known fact, and they often load alone due to the fact they ruin others walls. So I got put in a trailor with one of these guys, and my new sup nagged me 3 times that night about my wall being tight and good looking. He specifically talked to me for some reason, when it was obviously the other guys fault. He just throws :censored2: into the wall without looking. He puts 50 lbs packages and just throws them behind the wall to make it fall forward. Like what the :censored2:? He's a nice guy but loading with him is unbearable. Now my new sup thinks I'm a lazy new hire with no potential that doesn't listen to his advice since he told me like 3 times that night to get my wall better. I'm obviously not the best loader, but I've never had a complaint from other sups, or him when I wasn't in A trailor with this old guy. What should I do? I'm on my 30 day probationary period and I'm not even in the union yet... I can't afford to be complained at everyday for other peoples wrongdoing.
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    Basically I get put in trailers with old lazy men who don't care how their wall is. I'm a new employee, and trying to get into the union. My new sup complained about my wall like 3 times today and it was the old guy's fault that I was loading with. I'm not in the union so I'm afraid I may be fired. This guy is known on my PD for being a :censored2:ty loader, but my sup doesn't know that yet.
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    I've got two kids so there's no problem with my load.
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    you had someone else in your trailer??? to help load..... uh, yea, you're real good...
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    Lol no...I got put In theirs. If you knew a thing or two about how things work you would know there are often 2 loaders in the trailer.
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    I've never seen two people put in an outbound trailer to load it. Loaded a many by myself, but never had help.
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    I don't know that as a new member i would be talking to
    Dr. Brown that way. I will give you some words of advice and you can take it or leave it. It's great that you have a work ethic that shows you want to do good. Seniority is the name of the game unless your looking into supervision. Then it's a lot of butt kissing. The more work you do the more they will expect. What ever you do will never be enough. They will expect 10 more boxes or 1/2 trail or more. Sounds like the guys your working with have figured that out. Your lack of building a great wall is not a fire able offense. Go ahead and bust your gut and see where that gets you. I'm not telling you to slow down or drag butt around, work steady and work safe. If you try to be superman and get hurt it will be your fault and you will feel the wrath of ups come down on you. Just do your job and do it safely. Then go home and forget about it.
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    I'm not in load. PC here Pal......worked too many Stillwater designs, Wrangler Jeans trailors... and that damned jcp...
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    Oh yeah...with a pissy probation attitude like'll last long at ups.
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    See ya at Wendys!
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    Thanks. At least you somewhat helped me out instead of being a :censored2:.
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    Lol I do my job and am respectful to everyone. I know I will
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    Doubt it
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    I'm in the busiest PD in the building so there are up to 3 people in one trailer occasionally. One power scanning 2 loading
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  17. bleedinbrown58

    bleedinbrown58 ahhh....the mouth breathers

    I'm not the emlployee who's supervisor thinks I'm "a lazy new hire with no potential"
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    This goes against the methods
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    who cares about quality? just shut up and put it in the trailer, we like quantity not quality.
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    Lol just stop. They hired 70 seasonal employees and kept 10. I obviously proved that I'm a decent worker. And I said I don't want my new sup to think I'm lazy, not that I am lazy.